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Reasonable expectations

Reasonable expectations

Hey guys!

Just joined the forum as I just found out about PE and read up on Jelqing. Just started the latter one week ago.
From the posts around here, and especially from the signatures, it seems like gains I never thought possible is quite so through jelqing.

Last week I was 6,25” x 5,25. As a start, my goal is 7,5” x 6,5” - alas approximately a gain of 1,25” in both length and girth. (Erect) My LOT is 6:00.

Using JP’s routine, how long will it take me to reach this goal? Will JP’s 90 day routine (practiced over X number of days) be sufficient to take me there? Are the gains posted around the forum in EL or FL?

(Also, should I always jelq straight out and straight up?)

Much appreciated!


Welcome. I think those are hard goals, expecially on girth. As a general rule, if you are consistent you can gain about 1” in length inf the first 2 years, half of that in the next 2-3, than gains become millimetric. For girth, cut in half the gains for length and you have a rough idea of possible gains.

LOT is meaningless.

The gains in the forum are generally preceded by an acronym, you can check the glossary or simply stick your mouse pointer on the acronyms for a few seconds and an hint will appear.

Honestly I think reasonable expectations are short term goals for ex. ( Starting 5.5 BPEL and goal/reasonable expectation would be 6 BPEL in 3 months) this way you don’t get your hopes up if you don’t make it to that 6.5 because I’ve heard it can’t really beat a person’s self esteem up.. That’s just my opinion!

"Going for 9 in a year is like waiting for Christmas for a kid"

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