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Reasonable Expectations.

Reasonable Expectations.

I’m new here, obviously. I’ve been looking around for a few days and I have to say I’m interested in trying PE. I’m not as interested in length as I am in girth. I would like to gain about an inch in girth (I’m at about 4 now :( ). I realize that everyone is different, but is that a reasonable number as far as an obtainable goal? Is that a very long term goal or could that be obtained in months, rather than years?

Also, I’ve read here that you can lose a portion of your gains if you stop. What do you have to do to keep your gains? Do you have to do this forever? I’m not going to lie, eventually I would like to get to my goal and keep it without having to worry about “keeping it up.” Has anyone lost what they gained and ended up back at the start?

I apologize, I realize you probably get this a ton, but I guess I’m a little worried about some of the aspects of PE, such in injury or discoloration.

Anyway, thank you for any help.

Hi and welcome! Do you mean 4in. In length or do you mean girth? And it’s not that long to see gains in fact it took me a month and I had already got a Lil bigger, but it depends because some people will grow faster than others. If you want girth you should clamp and to add you should also jelq to keep up the blood flow. And I don’t think you should worry about losing your gains and no you won’t really lose anything. You certainly won’t go back to what you started with unless you didn’t do much. It would be recommended that you do up keep on exercises so that your dick will always be healthy. Read around get used to it. Good luck!

Eveninhisyouth, start off with the newbie routine and see how you like it. Once your comfortable then move to more technical workouts such as clamping; however, don’t jump into things too hard, it can only ruin your goals. As for doing PE forever, you really only need maintenance if that. I had obtained some pretty nasty discoloration yet, after taking a few days off and starting to pump instead my penis has began to lose that discoloration. You could also always peel when you’re completely done. Over all, just do a lot of reading, listen to your own penis and not others, and you’ll be fine.

Originally Posted by footeddie
Over all, just do a lot of reading, listen to your own penis and not others, and you’ll be fine.

This is a really good quote and is true to the bone because if your dick hurts then stop and you need to know what your doing. I really like that footeddie.

Thank you both. I meant 4” in girth, it’s sad.

I think I’m gonna start tonight and give it a try. I’ll give it three months and see if anything has changed.

Gaining an inch in girth is very possible. The problem may be it’ll take a few months. Give the newbie routine a go for three months and you should see some results.

Some words of advice - Take a lot of measurements now, also take photos. You’ll be kicking yourself in months to come if you don’t.

Second, it’s a long term process. Rome wasn’t built in a day, and all that. I’ve managed to add an inch in girth to my dick, but it took eighteen months. I’m not saying this will be the same for you, but bare in mind commitment is the key.

Happy jelking!

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An inch in girth is certainly possible if you are both dedicated and careful. It is not something that you will get in just a few months. Start on the newbie routine and see how it goes; then, after a few months start adding in girth specific exercises.

I realize that you can not personally see the light at the end of the tunnel at this point but do not despair. This stuff really does work. Be consistent in your PE, take the long view, and you will end up with a bigger penis.

Running a Massive Co-Front.

Thanks for all the help. I did it last night and I can tell this is going to take some work to get used to. I can see an important part of this will be breaking my goal up into smaller steps.

I have measured, but I haven’t taken pictures because I don’t have a camera.

Eveninhisyouth, what are your measurements? And 4in in girth isn’t that that bad I mean think on the positive side.

I’m a little over 5.5” long and 4.1” to 4.3” (4.3 on the thickest part of shaft) around. It’s kind of bad, I think. I’m within the normal range (barely), sure, but I don’t feel good about it. I’d like to get to about 5” or maybe a little more around. I’m not looking to be a porn star when I’m done with this, I’d just like to be able to look at a pencil and not be jealous. :P

Lol well 5.5 is good and average, I would do the newbie routine and then after try clamping but be careful. Clamping is very good for girth. Also jelqing is good for length,width, and blood circulation, so just get used to it like it would be a normal routine and soon enough you’ll have a beast. ;)

I’m about the same measurements as Eveninhisyouth. Started the newbie routine about a week ago and kegel everyday or when I can remember to do them. Already noticed that when erect it feels a lot harder so I’m guessing it’s working. Just start with the newbie routine and take it easy for a few months being careful not to over do it and be really consistent. Like you, I’m hoping for a bigger wang, it just takes time and patience.

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