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Question regarding adding weight to kegel exercises.

Question regarding adding weight to kegel exercises.

I know to drape something like a rag over an erect penis and kegel and the weight of the rag will add intensity.


Can I just hold my hand there and not let my penis move? Surely that must be very intense.


Can I kegel with an erection and let something such as my boxers act as resistance? I know this seems like an odd question but I just want to do it right and wanted to know if the varieties I thought off were too far off to work.

I know exactly what you need, read on:

I traction wrap using theraband. While wrapped, I give myself a mild-medium erection. Then I do my kegels. The tensile stretch of the wrap makes the kegeling harder to do.

You can try this. I think it helps you gain girth too (This is unverified, but I am testing this theory).

I’d figure its hard to do any workout with an erection.

Also, If you are hanging with weights can you contract your PC muscle while doing that? Or is that dangerous?

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