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Added More Weight - Related Question

Added More Weight - Related Question

I added 1.25 lbs. to my hanging routine, which consists of 3 sets at 20 minutes per set with 10 minute rest breaks in between. I’m now having a hard time lasting the 20 minutes due to pain around the glans of my penis. This was not the case with the lower weight. I use the VacuHanger from Monkeybar by the way.

I am wearing the constrictor sleeve, which helps a lot. I think the bottom line is that at a certain point none of the PE devices out there are comfortable.

My question is this: If I hang for 6 10-minute sets or 4 15-minute sets is that as good as the standard 3 20-minute sets? I know my ligs and the rest of my penis can handle the added weight it’s my damn glans that is killing me.

I’m also going to look into wrapping to see if that is applicable to my hanger and not just the bib hanger.


Baywatch,breaking the routine up is fine as far as I’m concerned.I used to hang three 20 minute sets ,but found I was spending most of the last set watching the clock,and squirming in my chair.As we all know,pain is a no no .You can hang six ten minute sets or four sets of fifteen minutes,or whatever gives you the most pain free workout.The goal is to get as much time in the hanger as possible.Not the most pain.Also dropping the weight a little during your last set may help with the pain.

What is the weight?

Perseverance wins

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