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Question about Kegels.

Question about Kegels.


I’ve been doing Kegels for about the past 10 months or so (took me 2-3 months to get them down right) and I’ve noticed that I can keep doing them all day without really getting tired. My question is is it quantity over quality? Should I keep doing 5 second kegels all day, or move up in my seconds? I experimented one day and did them for about 30 seconds at a time, but got worn out eventually (though I quickly recovered). And also, should I set a routine to do them in days? Like we jelq for 3 on with a day or two off.should we take days off from Kegels as well to give it time to.grow.relax.whatever it does?

The BC is a MUSCLE!

So, think in terms of strengthening your bicep…do you want to be able to lift 1 lb all day, or do you want to be able to curl 200 lbs once?

I think for our purposes, its better to be able to curl 100 lbs 15 times (metaphorically).

I like to use resistence and increase the strength, as well as endurance.

If you exercise it all day, everyday, it will never have a chance to recover and get really strong.

Try this….get an 50% erection, and squeeze your unit with your hand. Now kagal against that pressure.

Try a super hard contraction for 10 seconds, rest 2 seconds and repeat.

Do that as many times as you can hold the full 10 seconds with a strong contraction.

Once you no longer can hold your contraction for the full 10 seconds…stop! You are done with your workout. Keep track of how many “sets” you did.

Now….REST for 2 days! No kagaling during that time, or you will actually get less improvement…remember muscles have to RECOVER to get stronger!

After 2 days, try it again. You should be able to do more than before, with a stronger contraction.

If not…you need to try 3 days rest the next time. Using this method you will find how much rest you need between “workouts” and you will get awsome gains in BC strength!

This can also be done with pulling your unit straight out for resistence, or a combination of pulling and squeezing for resistance (best in my opinion).

This will give you rock hard erections and you will easily shoot past your head (remember to duck!).

Now that sounds like a plan. I could never really get into kegels because I’ve always heard that you should start off with about 100 a day, and work you way up to about 1000 a day. Like I don’t have shit else to do with my day but kegel.

I think about 300 every other day is enough. You want to tone the muscle, you don’t need to enlarge it.

I stick with a certain routine 4 days per week for 6 weeks or so then change the routine.

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