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Kegels question

Kegels question

Like quite a few people, my erection quality sucks these days (possibly due to manual stretching?), the only time I ever really get 100% hard is when I wake up with morning wood needing a piss.

I neglecting kegels for pretty much my whole first year of PE’ing leading up to now, but have recently started doing kegels every other day (treating it like bodybuilding, since it is a muscle).

My question is, for optimum erection strength should I kegel til failure, or do sets of 200 or whatever? I ask this because my erections have remained the same after roughly a week or two of PC workouts, and I feel I may not be working my PC muscle hard enough. I can happily do 1000 kegels, and I am not quite sure what my limit is. Going to failure might end up being several thousand, which would be time consuming to say the least.

Also, I often read about people not being able to do too many kegels due to muscle exhaustion. I can go on for so long; does this mean my PC muscle is very strong already? If so, why do my erections suck so bad?

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I used to think a ton of kegels was real important. My whole kegel routine is now condensed into my morning Blaster ritual. From the sound of it your PC muscle seems very well developed and strong. I would stick to a set amount daily. I have a pretty decent kegel routine in the routines section if you are not doing Blasters. I am kind of confused about your erection situation. If you are getting good morning erections but having difficulty at other times it may be some kind of anxiety. For a while I would have problems getting really hard when I wanted too but in relaxed situations I was able to get them. I chalked this up to performance anxiety.

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I do them when I think about it, usually after reading the word Kegel here at Thunders. :) I have conditioned myself to do them whenever I get in the car, too. I try to do a hundred and usually get distracted and forget where I’m at in the count so I don’t actually complete that many. My point is, I don’t think a regimented Kegel routine is necessary. Just do a few throughout the day whenever you think about it. Exercising that muscle to failure isn’t needed to make it stronger.

I also do manual stretching and DLD’s Blasters almost every day in my PE exercises and I still have strong erections. Perhaps your erection problem may be due to something else?

I think it is really good to be able kegeling 1000. But for how long do you hold them 1 sec, 2 sec? By doing this you develop a lot of endurance to this specific muscle. Though, when you kegel to get a firm erection you hold it longer than 1 sec, right? I must say it is more important to be able holding a kegel for example 1-2 minutes than to do 1000 quick ones. Do not waste all your time thinking about kegeling. You do not even need to set up a schedule. Just try hold a kegel for 1 minute. Okey, great you made it rest 10 sec and do it again and again. Make 5 of these holds every day or every second day. And you will rapidly increase your 1 minute to —> 2, 3, 4 etc. The best thing is just to relax, but sometimes I do hold my kegel for several minutes throughout my intercourse to improve the erection.

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Longer Kegel exercises are more beneficial for erections?


I’m encouraged by what you’ve said about the duration of the Kegel exercise, and would like to hear anything further that anyone might have to say about (minute * n) kegels as a royal road to reliable, sustainable 100% erections (links to forum postings, too? I’ll search, but it’s nice have cross-links, since things get buried so easily).

I’m also curious about something you said:

<< Though, when you kegel to get a firm erection you hold it longer than 1 sec, right? >>

Do you successfully attain the goal of a high quality erection by just doing kegels? As an exercise without manual or visual stimulation?

Well, I do kegels the whole day, like 300-500 when hot-wrapping, and almost always while sitting in front of the PC, in a car, before going to bed, while talking to somebody, I think I do like 5,000 daily.

I gotta say I had the best ejaculation ever about 1 week ago, I lasted almost a minute, well maybe I’m exaggerating, like 40 seconds, Peter North? Haha, what I saw that day was freaking.

Just do it whenever you want but try to do 50 sets of 5 seconds hold… then do a hold till failure, I can last like 4 minutes now…


I agree with dld, if you get good morning wood or a piss fat than your getting good erections, not being able to do them later on in the day may be because of some other reason.

Also holding your pc while having sex will most likely lead to loosing an erection, kegaling wont give you an erection but a few pumps may keep it up for a few seconds and maybe help out a bit.Kegals are not supposed to make you erect while doing them, they actually should make you semi or limp.

My mistake, sorry! You’re right jelquing, I just noticed I didn’t hold the pc-muscle constantly I loose it up more than I thought….

Restarting everything.

Though! I think I hold it for 5-10 sec every time and yes I at least, can hold the erection without much stimulation… I would say being able to hold it 5 sec is good enough though, jelqking is right holding it too long will only make you semi erect. You´ll feel for yourself whats good for you… And practicing that static single hold (+1 minute) as I mentioned is good for endurance so why not?

Restarting everything.


Well over the past few weeks I’ve barely been doing any penis *enlargement* exercises, but have been sticking to the kegel 1 day on 1 day off routine (since we are working a muscle). I must say, it’s worked! Erection quality the past week or so (especially yesterday and today) has been outstanding. I’ve been getting as hard as pre-PE, possibly even harder. Every time my girlfriend touches my crotch area (above clothes even) I get a full 100% hard on. In a way it’s slightly annoying getting so easily aroused but when I think about barely being able to get it up for her when she went to suck me off about a month ago, I’m overjoyed.

My routine has not been set in stone. I just do a bunch of kegels, no particular sets or reps.

PE SMART - Quality is infinitely better than quantity. Monitor your progress. Make changes accordingly.

Forgot to mention, I had a full erection for about 45 minutes this morning. Me and my girlfriend were lying in bed, she did something that caused the erection, can’t remember what but it was something pretty mild, maybe even a particularly sensual kiss - and it didn’t go until I got up and started fiddling around with the TV about 45 mins later.

On one hand I feel a bit pathetic for getting 100% hard-ons from kisses, but on the other hand I am thankful. I thought I’d ruined my erections forever.

PE SMART - Quality is infinitely better than quantity. Monitor your progress. Make changes accordingly.

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