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psykological/mental PE

psykological/mental PE

As we all know, problems with erection is often a mindproblem.

Take me as an example. The first time I hade sex, I tryed to have sex with a girl that was a virgin. She was nerveus and she tightened her pussy so much with her pussymuscles that I could not enter her. I tryed and I tryed. After maybe 5 attempts my erection faild on me. The next time we tryed she was able to relax so I could penetrate her but all I was thinking about was “dont go week on me now penis”. This happened over 10 years ago but this thing still haunts me. Every time I’m having sex and I feel my erectionlevel gos down from 100% to maby 80-90% all I can think is “please dont go week on me now”.

Another example could be me watching porn. If I just watch porn I allways get 100% hard. If I watch porn because I want to get an erection so that I can do PE, for example clamping, sometimes I cant get more than 70% hard. I cant get hard because I think negative about my erection.

So what I would like to have is some psykological PE exercises that I can do to get harder and longer erections. I know that I could have harder and longer erections if I never did any negativ thinking about erections. Some exercises like visualising my superhard dick doing some fucking or something. I dont know.
Do you have any ideas or have someone of you maybe read a book about the mental side of erections?
I have read a few books about mindtraing for playing golf and they were all very good and made a big diffrens to me on the golfcourse. There must have been written some books about mindtraining for better sex/harder erections.

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A little bit more.

When you play golf, you have to hit the ball and walk and more, so it is about many things. The golfswing, fysical strenght, the mind, and more. But erections is almost 100% a mindthing. You can get a hard erection only by using the mind, but you cant hit a golfball only by using the mind. The psykological aspect of getting rockhard erections must be to 99% a mindthing and to 1% a fysical thing.

Come on, dont you know any mindexercises?

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I thought the spellcheck was something that worked automaticly, but now I se that there is a button for it. I will use it in the future. I will read your link Mr.Nine.

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Originally Posted by SlackJawedYokel
So you didnt use it for this post then? :D

I used it on that post. Was something spelt wrong?

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Picky picky picky. The guy is trying, lets go a bit easier on him.


The spell checker can be made automatic, but we would rather it didn’t. Thank you for using it, and yes words will slip by.
The biggest headache with the English (American) language is the words that sound alike but are spelled differently. For example, week (meaning a 7 day span of time) or weak (meaning a lack of strength), here (meaning location) or hear (listening), see (visually spotting something) or sea ( a rather large body of water). Even those of us who speak English have a problem with those words, and I won’t get into to too and two.

I for one appreciate your effort to correct spelling errors and try your best to convey your thoughts.

sunny A day without sunshine is like a day without laughter :sun:

Use smileys :)

sunny A day without sunshine is like a day without laughter :sun:

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