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DLD's Visual, Spiritual and Mental Process


DLD's Visual, Spiritual and Mental Process

visualize victory

The theory is simple: visualize what you are about to do and your performance will increase. Picture doing a perfect jelq or doing an amazing set of stretches and, believe it or not, you will do it better than if you didn’t visualize the act beforehand.

According to the AOA (American Optometric Association), researchers have discovered that people use the same areas of the brain when they perform and/or visualize an action in their mind. So there is “some” kind of link between the two things.

How will visualization improve your PE?
Your PE performance will increase by creating a better connection between the mind and body. The mind is, after all, connected to the body. Most actions performed in PE are not instinctive but rather cognitive, so connecting with what you do is important.

Visualization helps you concentrate on the task at hand at its optimal level. This is especially true in PE because many different thoughts may obstruct you from having the best possible session.

When you are jelqing, your strokes could be too short, the pressure could be to light and you could be unwillingly thinking about something else, thus reducing concentration on the exercise at hand. Visualization will help you concentrate on execution so that your performance is close to perfect.

“Studies conducted by J. Stanos, a professor at Harvard University in 1998, on the matter, have proven a definite link between visualization and performance. A group was taught how to use visualization and a placebo group was taught to just think about an unrelated activity. Those who used visualization before performing their task performed nearly perfectly, while the placebo group was only successful 55% of the time. “

historical evidence

Historical evidence also proves that visualization increases performance. For a long time now, Russian, Turkish and Bulgarian power-lifters have been using visualization before lifting heavy weights. Have you ever seen a powerlifter before he lugs a load three times his weight over his head?

They stand over their charge for a minute staring blankly at nothing. They are not wasting time; they are performing the act in their head from start to finish. Bulgarians aren't stronger people by nature, yet they are a superpower in weightlifting. True, they are so good at what they do because they have technique, but they also have the mind-set to back it up, and that's what matters.

Have you seen high jumpers in the Olympics before making a jump? They also visualize their attempts before performing the act, sometimes going as far as telegraphing the whole jump while standing still — footing, leap and turn — right then and there on television. In fact, trainers now use visualization on a regular basis around the world. It has become a standard approach to raise performance.

source unknown-sorry

How to Visualize?

I visualize in 3 steps. First I relax, then I concentrate and finally, I visualize the act.

relax max

You have to relax before you can concentrate; I sit still in a place. I get a steady breathing rhythm going, inhaling through the nose and exhaling through the mouth using my stomach.

I clear my thoughts. There is no point trying to visualize a bigger penis when you are thinking of something else. Tuning out ensures you keep your level of concentration even when there are distractions around you. Some people know how to do it, some don’t. Just work on it.

You need to visualize your goal…

visualize your goal

Now comes the most important part. First, start by visualizing yourself sitting just as you are, at the moment you start the visualization process. For example, if you are sitting on the toilet about to jelq, see yourself sitting down concentrating about to jelq.

Next, recreate the conditions around you in your mind to the best of your ability, as if you were there at the moment. Try to hear the sounds you will hear — I like to let the water run, the smells you will inhale, the wet feeling of the lube as it first touches your skin, then the pressure of your penis as you grab it. Picture yourself sitting on the toilet, about to jelq. Envision yourself breathing and growing.

Finally, visualize a perfect single Jelq — not a the whole session. Picture gripping your penis; imagine the sensation it will have. Imagine milking it and stopping at the head, imagine the blood going from the base all the way up to the tip of your head. Visualize the ultimate expansion. FEEL IT, SEE IT, BELIEVE IT.

Visualize feeling a perfect jelq, a perfect grip and a perfect expansion as you push the blood up from the base all the way up your shaft. Imagine a perfect session, with all its growth and glory, visualizing each jelq one by one, then stop imagining and do it for real. Now you will have a mind to body connection and the time has come to take full advantage of the state of mund.

After having envisioned a perfect session performed in your mind, your body will have something concrete to fall back on, and this is what improves your performance. It’s all about feel.

It would not be correct to call visualization nothing more than a reminder of how to do everything correctly, but it does work on the same premise.

Visualizing might seem like a chore or something that would take too much time to execute, but rest assured, the act only takes a few seconds. Once you get used to it, visualizing will only take a moment, but the results will definitely show. This applies to many aspects of life, not just PE. Visualization is definitely not a myth.

Now you know how to do it too. But here’s a quick rundown:

1— Relaxation
* Loosen
* Breathe (inhale through nose, exhale through mouth)

2— Concentration
* Clear your thoughts
* Tune out (don’t let things around you distract you)

3— Visualization
* See yourself sitting before the jelq
* See yourself getting in position
* Feel the outside sensations beforehand (smells, sounds)
* See yourself doing one full jelq

Making a Spiritual Connection.

This is another area of growth that I find very important. After having the best exercise routine I can possibly have I thank GOD. GOD is my higher power, use your own. Thanking a power greater than yourself will keep you humble and thankful for all you are gaining. It is very easy for a man to become egotistical and un-humble, but putting your trust and appreciation in a higher power really helps to keep me humble. I never pray for gains, I only thank God for the gains I get. I also pray for my fellow brothers in PE. For me prayer is very powerful. Whether you pray to God, Jesus, RB, or just a higher sense of yourself…having this connection will help you to not go it alone.

The Mental Process of Gains:

I have always tried to make a mental connection to the gains I want. For instance, for a very long time I was stuck at 9.5”…I could not see myself beyond this point…I truly did not believe it was possible. My physical connection to going beyond this was BIGGER (Bib) I saw he went beyond this mark and I finally believed I could too. At this point I needed a mental connection to make these gains…In my case I used a paper towel roll. The paper towel roll represented the 11” I wanted so badly…Everyday I would stare at this and really try to picture myself with this…over time a funny thing happened…I started to believe I had it before I even did…I could picture this in my mind…I REALLY PICTURED IT…Me with 11”…I had this vision stapled in my brain…Nothing else would do. The 11” came with ease once I truly believed. I do the same thing now with a larger object. It really helps.

I am not sure what else I can say about this process but I believe it works. I really hope this helps some people out there.


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Great post DLD, i’d like to add a few things that i do FWIW.

If im hanging, I imagine there is a hole in the floor, and my two foot stretched flaccid length is hanging down this hole with an anvil on the hanger. I posted this before, but i didnt get many responses. Its hard to concentrate on the image for long, but when you do, you can really feel a better stretch. Or maybe you just tune in better to the stretch that is already there. Either way, it definitely does something.

One other thing, when you visualise, imagine looking through your own eyes, in first person, dont imagine looking at yourself doing this or the effect will be less noticable.

Good ideas worth trying out

edit: here’s the other thread, some good info here, hopefully this one will generate more than ten replies:


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Outstanding DLD!

….hopefully this one will generate more than ten replies.

And two of those were mine! LOL!

This is the sort of stuff I think is really a key to, well, just about everything in life.

I just find it very rare to find anyone who has accomplished something above and beyond the ordinary, who is dismissive of this ‘magic’

You will find many who have failed that say it won’t work, but few who have succeeded that did not credit their mental approach as pivotal to their gains.

Dream your way to a monster? Nah, the inspiration must be acted upon. Although, if one could harness the power of one’ s mind, I wonder…

(There are fascinating accounts of split personalities that suggest all sorts of physical changes occur from one ‘personality’ to the next)

But dreaming is not being, and to actualize the mind might require more faith than what many would probably feel comfortable with.

I’m struggling with it myself, but I better get over it if I expect to become Emperor of Japan.

Now I must get back to my Blasters…


(ps I think to be successfull in this, a very holistic approach should be adopted. Bring the ‘idea’ (ie big dick) into this world. Find something, as DLD recommends, that approximates the size you want. Something you can feel and see, that is tangible. Then begin to blur the edges of fantasy and reality to the point where you are, to your mind, tugging, pulling, and squeezing the monster. Live the fantasy, so to speak. It would probably be best not to measure during this process, untill you reached your goal. You don’t want to re-affirm where you are, only what is behind the facade of what appears to be.)

(pps There is no spoon.)

Great post, as those that remember my background know, I am a true believer on this stuff.

Running a Massive Co-Front.

This theroy stands in the face of my idea of being “tranced out” with music whilst doing PE. —- Oh well, the time does fly by being all “tranced out” and all.

Loved going to Cuba! :)

I'm surprised that Americans can't go because their government says they can't!

I’m just a newbie in PE, but i use since the beginning a method that help me a lot to visualize the thing (big thing i want :) ). I’ve cut a piece of wood at the lenght and girth i want for my future monster (sounds like the paper towel of DLD but a little shorter), just give it a try, manipulate it, put it on your pelvis (sounds silly i know) it’s pretty efficient. It’s important to accept what is going to happen.
The last thing i’ve to say is that you have to put higher objectives than what you’re looking for, it helps too (who could the best could the worst)

I apologize for my bad english (non native) and hope i’m understandable.

Originally posted by cascade
This theroy stands in the face of my idea of being “tranced out” with music whilst doing PE. —- Oh well, the time does fly by being all “tranced out” and all.

I make house and hiphop tracks and I always toyed with the idea of creating a real nice trance joint to aid in my meditation during exercise.

Link to the DLD Blasters Soon to be Triple

Very good post indeed!

I really like the part about visualizing your goal and then making the mental connection….finding an object that is close to or identical to your goal size. The mind really does play a big part in any form of accomplishment.

Hey DLD...

You realize, of course, that this love-in we have going here is not gonna last.

I fear storm clouds are building on the horizon…

LOL Northstar…@ “there is NO spoon”. “He’s starting to believe!”

Very good post DLD. Though I do not have a need to PE I think there is a lot of informative and useful information supplied here and I hope those who are looking for this sort of help will take advantage of the help you are trying to supply.

You don't have to be great to start, but you have to start to be great.

Zig Ziglar

Very interesting ideas, guys. You’re saying to visualize the process before you begin. OK, I’ll do it.
As for the final goal, I’m curious why you are using an object instead of trying to see your penis as you want it to be, or visualizing a big dick you’ve seen in a picture. Is using an object more definite? Still, do you using the can of shaving cream for visualization as well as comparison?

Giving thanks is always a good idea, maybe a necessity for success, and when I’m at it I give thanks for everything, not just my penis size.


"Sadly, however, seconds after its launch, it undergoes SMEF, or Spontaneous Massive Existence Failure,and disappears." Douglas Adams

Excellent post DLD. I have been thinking about very similar aspects to PE for months now, but would never have managed to put into such good words. Nice one! :)

For Tex3

I think that it is easier to visualize it even with a piece of wood than on a picture, because you can manipulate it and see what you’re going for in real size. With picture you are seeing the dick of another guy not really vizualizing your own dick, with a piece of wood it’s pretty neutral and you can imagine your own…

Hope i’m clear enough…

Many thanks for this post DLD and the thoughtful replies that have followed. I have heard of using visualization techniques for PE before and was rather frustrated at not finding any real guidance on how to apply it. This post IMO simplifies and clarifies just how easy this method can be. I especially feel that having a physical represntation of what we want our goal to be is important since having something that you can hold, touch and see will make it easier to visualize an obtainable goal by bringing it out of our mind into the physical world. Looking forward to using this with great anticipation and I think everyone should try it for at least a month. Just remember guys, you can believe it inyour mind all you want, but until you believe it in your heart you may be holding yourself back.


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