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PE the shower.. or out?

PE the shower.. or out?

I just started jelqing a few weeks back and Im making it a point to work my way up slowly and do all my research before I get into intense workouts.. But Im still wondering if its better to Jelq in the shower or out? Does it effect results if its done in the shower?

start 6”length/4.75”girth
goal 7.5”length 6.5”girth

I don’t believe there’s much difference between the two, however, jelqing and whatnot, in the shower affords you more privacy.

Good to hear! The shower is very convenient too. Privacy is hard to come by at my pad. Not mention I cant afford to get blinds for my room yet!. Thanx

start 6”length/4.75”girth
goal 7.5”length 6.5”girth

The problem is, once you work yourself up to where you’re doing more jelqs, that’s going to be one long shower!


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Quit when your skin gets all wrinkly.



It would be better for your skin to jelq out of the shower. Besides that, it will cost a mint to heat all that water, especially in Buffalo.

Also, be wary that the water from the shower will wash away the lube you’re using if you don’t aim the shower head away from you when you jelq. Especially if the lube is water-based. Oil-based stuff like Vaseline may not matter so much.

Vaseline is actually my choice of lube. I think I’ll stick with the shower until I get into longer workouts.Thanx for the comments.

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Yeah more privacy in the shower

Hello guys….I prefer out of the shower. Helps keep me from having to reapply lube as often. I may do a few reps in the am shower before going to work but my workout is done out of the shower.

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