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Where will PE be in a year?


Where will PE be in a year?

I’m curious to see where you guys think PE will be in the future. Having been around and actively PE’ing for more than two years I have seen some fairly significant changes already. These changes include a growing awareness that yes a person can make his penis bigger without surgery to an expanding selection of both products and techniques used to assist this enlargement process. The membership to this site and others like it have steadily increase during the time I’ve been here and PE seems to be slowly coming out of the closet almost on a daily basis.

Do you think we will continue to see this expansion and will we see more public awareness in the coming year(s) ahead? I mean are we someday going to be talking about PE over lunch with our buddies or I’m I going to have my son ask me if I’ve seen his Bib hanger?

Will PE become as main stream as breast augmentation? More so? Will hangers, stretchers and pumps continue to be advertised in mens magazines the Internet, and other media. Or will the next craze in talk show themes be ,”How I made my penis bigger without surgery and my girlfriends/boyfriends reaction was out of this world “?

It appears to me living in Southern California that the PE movement is growing and ready for almost prime time .

What do you guys think and how do we get there from here?

I see advirtisements from products such as enzyte on tv. eventually there will be some attention given this by shows such as 20/20 or 60 min that will do some investigation hoping to find fraud and of course they will find it, but if they are honest they will point out that there is real enlargement but it is due to exercise not the pills.

Check it out guys, no need to have a big dick if you ain't gonna use it!!

I think that PE will catch on more and more. However, as more people participate, there will be more injuries and perhaps some bizarre ones. Knowing today’s press, they will likely pounce on these acts by certain poor, innocent (uninformed) schmucks and the movement will be set back a little. Ultimately, though, it will likely prevail.


Jelktoid :trash: More meat for the money!

You can do a very good analogy with fitness or diet. The gyms are there and everybody has an idea of what a good diet should be… yet the advertisements in magazines are for EMS ab crunchers and fat burning pills. As long as these scammers will find a way to convince people they can achieve the results they want without any effort, just by using product X, there will be no surfacing of real PE - nobody wants to hear about hard work and perseverence.

Well said xxm, it really is about hard work and perseverance. No magic pills like enzyte ( I’ve seen thous ad’s to luvdaus).

JT, it is the media’s role to report on the hype not the facts right. Will it ever be spun in the right direction?

Do you guys think Thunder’s Place could be the location on the web where both the media and interested individual’s end up in the search between the real fact’s and the hype?

Will PE ever be main stream or if not close to it? Do you think some day our significant others will hanging out over lunch and chatting about our latest gains or what program we are on ?

It would be wonderful to think this would ‘come out of the closet’ so to speak- as I have been at it a couple of weeks now and see a difference. Do I think it will- I am not sure. I was surprised when condom ads came out, and now there is a show on TV devoted to sexual issues- Bergman and Bergman I think- it is for women. The next step is for a type of show like that to be done for men. The Man Show doesn’t quite cut it as they don’t do much seriously, it’s mostly for a good laugh. When someone comes out with a SERIOUS show on men’s health and enough people watch it regularly enough, then PE will have a chance to become a topic of discussion in the popular press. I just hope when it gets to that point there are knowledgable people there discussing it in a supportive way rather than disregarding it as quackery.

Maybe a year from now everybody reading this today will be at or very near his goals and teaching newbies how to get there, too.



For our sakes I hope PE stays a “mystery” for as long as possible (selfish I know…).

But, as said earlier…..everyone knows that you can get in great shape by eating right and working out at a gym (millions of gyms nowadays).
YET still 3 in 5 americans (lazy asses) are overweight. And 1 of the 3 overweight people is considered clinically obeise. The fact that diets / pills / scams / gyms / etc. are all out their for the public, yet still 3 in 5 are overweight says something about how people are as humans.

I believe that PE will be the same way, no matter how widespread the knowledge about it, it will be… a treasure just out of reach, unless you are willing to dedicate time and energy.

My opinion.

Re: Where will PE be in a year?

Originally posted by ledzep
Where will PE be in a year?

Right here.

PE to me is somewhat like that movie the “Beach” only very few find it, and when they do the rewards can be astounding. But honestly I like many others here do not want it to get out at least until I reach my goal, and then I would be glad to help out newbies. Because in length I haven’t gained an 8th of an inch, but still have faith.

So until then if anybody asks, my response is P -what PE oh you mean physical education, yeah I excercise when I can.



Well…..I see it as advantage, think about it, would you really want ever single man in the world walking around with a 12-inch penis?? Com’on, wouldn’t you rather have the ladies talking about you?


Shhhhhhhhh don’t spread it anymore than it already is.

Link to the DLD Blasters Soon to be Triple

Actually guys, I visit a teen forum once in a while and a lot of teenage guys are talking constantly about jelqing and such.

I am building a weapon of ass destruction!

Word up, DLD… keep that shit underground. Who needs the fucking competetion? The way I see it, if a dude is really thirsty for the knowledge, he will seek it out on his own. If PE became “mainstream” (which is highly unlikely, but still a scary thought) it would be blown totally outta proportion… then every chick will be expecting every guy to be hung like a horse since everyone will know about it. Luckily, America in general is full of shame and pretty puritanical so PE may stay in the closet for a little while longer… but as you know if you’re American…nothing stays sacred for too long! Slowly but surely through the Internet more and more people will get to know the ways of PE. If it becomes really popular, people will take it for granted and then every guy will be expected to be big… you think you have a complex now, huh? Just wait.

I personally don’t utter a word about it to anyone… if somebody wants it bad enough… they’ll find it on their own. Perhaps by the time I get huge, then maybe I won’t feel so bad about telling people about PE or that I do it. I ain’t sayin’ shit until I’m big enough to back it up!

There is an upside, though… IT’S NOT EASY! So that’ll keep most “tourists” at bay! It’s not a fast fix like breast implants.

Treat this shit like Fight Club.

underground good mainstream bad.

Jeez what if every guy in my town finds out about it, and they all happened to be fast gainers, and I stayed stuck at 6.5?

Fuck this shit i’m never talking to a girl again!
How much do priests get paid?

You guys are depressing me…

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