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PC weirdness

PC weirdness

I’ve been doing PC exercises for a while now, but they seem to be hurting my sex life rather than helping it. My PC muscle feels MUCH bigger, like before I couldn’t feel it through the skin, and now before I flex it sticks out. I can flex and hold for a good 30 seconds without a problem, but I can’t keep a hardon with it. I also can’t seem to stop or cancel ejaculation by flexing the muscle. And lastly, ever since I started, I’ve noticed that subconsciously I’ve been flexing it more during sex, which seems to not let any blood in, and slowly let blood out, so really I get smaller by flexing my PC muscle with a hardon. What am I doing wrong? (The exercises I do are a flex and hold for 3 seconds, 5 seconds, and for 20 seconds, I don’t have a set time of day I do it, but just randomly at work or in the car when it comes to mind)

You are thinking way too much during sex, whatever kind you are having. Think less, participate more in what is happening from a sensual point of view.

If you feel you might be overworking the BC, lay off it awhile. Let it be a day or so. You will at the least rebound to where you were before you started working it.



Some very good advice as always.

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