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PC muscle always flexed

PC muscle always flexed

In starting up PE again I have noticed that my PC muscle is always tensed to some level or other. At least I think it is my PC muscle; it could be more than just the PC but I am not sure.

I know how to do PC fluxes and can hold a hard PC contraction for about a min and still feel when I relax it. So, I am not asking about the strength of my PC, but the fact that is is always tensed.

What I would like help on is understanding how this affects my erection.

Since noticing this constant tensing of my PC I have further noticed that when getting an erection for or during sex, in order to keep a hard erection I am pumping my PC.

Should I not be able to have a hard erection for extended time periods while keeping my PC relaxed?

I now frequently throughout the day force myself to relax my PC, and next time I have sex I am going to try to keep my PC relaxed and see what happens.

Further insight into this would be appreciated.


Your PC is just bigger from the exercise, not permanently tensed.

Are you sure its a PC muscle? If you do not have sex or don’t masturbate for quite a few days or so you can feel your prostate temporarily enlarged and think its PC.

I don’t pump PC while having sex. I don’t think it should be necessary.

It is my PC because I can consciously relax it during the day. For example. Just now I mentally told myself to relax it and it relaxed. I find that it is always tensed.

Having a bigger muscle does not make it always tense as I understand it.

I am trying to explore this mentally. I think that when younger, being so fearful of drops of urine coming out I started keeping the PC always flexed. This is a guess but I know that now when I relax it I have a short urge to keep it tight so that I don’t dribble. Whether or not I actually would dribble is irrelevant, mentally I think that is tied to this.

Either way, is it affecting my erection ability and ability to last longer prior to ejaculation during sex.

That is an area I am trying to improve on and have read lots of things here and elsewere to try. But now I am concerned about the always relying on PC pumping to have and keep it hard.

And I agree master that it should not be necessary to pump the PC. This is why I am going to try to keep myself from doing so. Of course in even thinking this I can feel performance anxiety about the possibility of not being able to get it up and keep it up for the occasion

Hey Laeh, Welcome to thr forum.

You may want to try reading around in the Men’s Sexual Health Forum. I know there are some threads about maximizing erections and such. Maybe there will be something to help you there?


Try doing reverse kegels. (Like when you force your pee out.)

> I think that when younger, being so fearful of drops of urine coming out I started keeping the PC always flexed.

And why is that? Do you have some medical condition? ‘Incontinentio urinae’ or something? If you are healthy there should be no drops (except after you pee) at the young age. If you were over 50 then its different (adenoma prostatae). So I guess you were just having some psychological issues.

Thanks ynarevith, I have been reading in that forum and have found some things that I am going to try.

Xlmagnum, yes, thank you, that is one of the things that I am going to try.

And not really master, at least not that I know of LOL. I do have a condition that I can not remember the name of, which has to do with the end of my gland. I like the look of it, but, it almost looks like the very end is flayed open, because of the exit point of my urethra. There is a medical term for it I just don’t remember it. But because of it the end of my urethra always looks open, if that makes sense.

Also, when younger I (and I would guess there are many of us with this complex) tried to keep my dick hidden in my pants. The mental ‘stay small so people can’t tell if you are getting hard’. I still find myself fighting this line of thinking even though in reality now I would love a big bulge. And while part of me wants a big bulge at the same time I still find myself doing things to hide it if it is hard or too obvious. The vicious mental circle.
To make it smaller I simply tighten my PC and that pulls it in (only slightly but again this is a lot of mental stuff).

Well, thanks for the thoughts thus far.

I still would like to know if by having my PC muscle tensed it hinders the health over all. Like having a tight muscle on the side of your neck or in your back. If you leave it long enough it does become problematic, so can the PC create a similar issue.

Oh, while I am thinking of it. How much repair can be done through PE?

Several years ago, (couple years after getting married) while having sex, her on top, she rode back on me a little too hard and it caused my dick to bend downward further than it have ever done before while rock hard. IT HURT. I don’t remember it hurting for more than just that night, but, ever since then my erections don’t point as high. Not sure if any other things changed since then.

Question is: does any PE help get me back to having higher pointing erections if it was something damaged? It bent possibly on the inner part of my penis and not along the outer/exposed part of my shaft.

Thanks all for the responses and also for all the information here in the forums.

6.8” BPEL
5.2”ish mid shaft girth
Flaccid varies a lot but around 5” length

>Question is: does any PE help get me back to having higher pointing erections if it was something damaged?

Well. I might be wrong but If I was you I would avoid stretching down as it might loosen your ligaments even more and you may point lover. If its not ligaments but bent downwards penis (damaged tunica not the ligaments) then it is different story. Unfortunately I haven’t seen impressive reports about fixing curved penis with PE. If it is because of ED then PE can help with it but it depends.
Hopefully someone will correct me if I am wrong somewhere.

Thanks mugwomp. I had missed that post. It is very helpful in getting a better understanding of which muscles are in play. I will look into it further.

Thanks all

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