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When do you know if your PC is strong?

When do you know if your PC is strong?

I’ve been doing PC clamps and squeezes for a while now, but I don’t feel as if there’s any difference with my PC strength. I remember reading about how you should do sets of 20 so you don’t feel too sore, but even from the begining I could do like 100-200 clamp sets and not feel fatigued.

I want a strong PC so I can be multi-orgasmic, but I never feel as if its strong enough. So My question is:

What PC routine seems to be most effective?
Am I maybe over working my PC? (i do about 300 clamps and 10 30sec. squeezes a day)
What is the best postion to be in when working your PC? (standing up, sitting down, laying down? I kinda feel like I can isolate it much better when I’m laying a fetal position but I’m unsure.) I’m postive I’ve isolated it by the way, by useing the stopping pee test.

thank you

p.s. On a completely different topic, why does PEing grow hair on your shaft?

Know what you mean about the fetal position. Try on your stomach. I do it on my back. One way you’ll know is when you’ve got to pee bad! Also by seeing how good you get at stopping ejaculation when you come. Keep doing what you’re doing-it’s not too much-but try maybe making EVERY rep as strong as you can. As far as the hair question goes I think it’s because as the dick gets longer it pulls some of the skin around the base up with it though I’d think the effect would be minimal. Wax or pluck (better for jelqing) and you’ll lessen the hair amount and thickness over time anyway.

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