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OVER a Year of PE with Minimal Girth Gains - Advice Requested


OVER a Year of PE with Minimal Girth Gains - Advice Requested

Greetings, all. I’m new as far as signing on to the site but have been checking here for advice/ideas for over a year. I began PE in August of 2017. My starting stats were EL: 6.5”, MEG: 4.25”. Obviously, girth was a main focus. The wife did not want any more length, which made attaining that priority easier to focus on. Prior to beginning, I searched Thunder’s Place, GLL, PE Gym, and Matters of Size to gain as much knowledge as I could. After purchasing the Bathmate Hydro max 30 and instituting a newbie Bathmate/Jelqing routine, I gained my first 1/4” of girth by December 2017, although it was not cemented. Currently, almost 15 months after starting, my stats are EL: 6.75 - 6.87”, MEG: 4.62”. Below is quick list of the routines I used:

Aug - Sept: 10 min heat/stretch, Newbie Bathmate (BM)/Jelqing routine on GLL
Sept - Nov: 10 min heat/stretch, 15 min BM (am), 8-10 min Jelq (pm), 100 kegels - 2 on/1 off
Dec - March: 10 min heat/stretch, 15 min BM (am), 15 min Jelq (pm), 100 kegels - 5 on/2 off
March - May: 10 min heat/stretch, 2x5 min Slow Squash Jelq (am), 2x8 min BM (pm), 100 kegels, Cock ring 30 min. - 2 on/1 off, 3 on/1 off (SSJ 3x a week)
June: 5 min heat/3 min bundled stretch, combined BM and SSJ into single session for 1.5 weeks, but EQ suffered. Took 2 weeks off, eased back into it.
July: 5 min heat/3 min bundled stretch, 8 min BM/8 min SSJ/8 min BM, 100 kegels, Cock ring 2 hrs - 2 on/1 off, 3 on/1 off
Aug - Oct: 5 min heat/3 min bundled stretch, 3 min SSJ/8 min BM/3 min SSJ/8 min BM/3 min SSJ, 100 kegels, Cock ring 5-9 hrs - 4-5 on/1 off (SSJ 3-4x a week)

While I knew that newbie gains were what got me my first 1/4” in just over 3 months, I was convinced I would see some notable results in the next year. Between November/December of 2017 and November of 2018, I went from 4.5” - 4.62” in MEG while instituting more intense exercises. So while gaining almost nothing from routines that others have expressed great results with, I began considering the reasons for why my gains have stalled for so long:

1) Best combination of exercises not found
2) Need more time/days to recover
3) My tissues have become too tough
4) I’ve reached my near limits of girth gains for my body (let’s hope not)

In short, I could use some advice regarding my next course of action. Right now, I haven’t been doing any PE 10 days in the event that I might need an extended break. Even if I may wind up being one of those individuals who will only gain 1/8” of size over the course of a year, I’ll still continue, but would like to explore every avenue of options to try and kick start my girth goals.

Thanks, gents.

If you’re looking to increase girth, try a clamping routine, combined with jelqing and edging. Check out a thread here by a guy called Houstonwoods.

And also try incorporating horse squeezes into your routine. You need to be properly conditioned for these exercises, they are very intense. But they are the single best manual exercise for girth I have found.

Well, this is a bit of farmer’s logic, so take it for what you will: the growth of a tree above ground is mediated by - and dependant upon - the growth of its root system.

Seneca 32,

Thank you for the recommendation. I had been considering clamping for a while, actually, just never bit the bullet. I will certainly look into them as well as Horse Squeezes in more depth. Thanks, man.


Can you elaborate on what you mean? Are you talking about conditioning? Blood flow?

Thanks for the response.

I’m a newbie, so I doubt I should chime in on this.

You might have toughened tissues. I would think twice about just continuing to up intensity. Maybe go to pumping with a gauge. If that doesn’t work than possibly considering Chemical PE. Mainly I would just caution against anything that might toughen tissues further.


Thank you for the advice. Do you believe that is an issue that could rectify itself with time off/less manual work where more intense routines can be instituted after the tissue has had time to loosen up?

Originally Posted by Beardly

Can you elaborate on what you mean? Are you talking about conditioning? Blood flow?

Thanks for the response.

Overall vascular conditioning & better arterial blood supply to the bulbous spongiosum/CS. Perhaps you’ve hit the limit of growth with your current “root development,” so to speak. Thus possibly your difficulty with growth.

btw, if your tissue is “toughing up,” that seems to me a big red flag for lack of blood supply/growth factors,


I understand. Wow, that is some in depth stuff. Do you have any suggested reading on solving this conundrum? Thanks again for the info.

Yes, this way of thinking is - in my humble opinion - far superior to traditional PE.

I highly recommend checking out the Angion Method - start with Janus’s videos on Youtube. And, if it interests you, check out and participate in the below thread.

It’s huge but it will give you some idea: Growing Your Own Blood Vessels

Originally Posted by Beardly

Thank you for the advice. Do you believe that is an issue that could rectify itself with time off/less manual work where more intense routines can be instituted after the tissue has had time to loosen up?

I don’t think anyone knows. Toughening may be permanent or not. Some people seem to think decon breaks work. It may be the case that you can avoid permanent toughening by cycling PE with decon breaks. But if I was in your position I would probably switch to pumping with a gauge and seeing if I can get results that way before increasing intensity. I often have wondered if I might have gotten more results early in my career if I had held off on harder exercises longer. I grew nicely when just jelqing and stretching but then seemingly only a couple months after starting hanging and clamping I completely stopped gaining. Coming back now 10 years later with just an extender will pump later if the extender is successful.

To simplify what I believe Platonism is saying and is something I constantly tell people:
Carefully examine your diet and exercise. Are you giving your body what it needs to heal and grow? I usually reccomend people start lifting, particularly doing heavy leg workouts that involve the big lifts like squat and deadlift. Add some high intensity interval training on top of that for cardio so that we can have the best blood supply possible. Now for nutrients it’s time to ditch all of the high sugar crap that most of us eat on a regular basis. Stick to natural Whole Foods like fruits and veggies and make wise choices with your meat selections. I personally follow a keto diet and have for some time but it is not for everyone.

Now that all that is squared away I would consider ditching the Bathmate in favor of an air pump with a gauge. Using a cylinder just large enough to allow you 1/4 inch expansion over your erect girth to start and working your way into bigger tubes. I like to pump at 4-5 hg and wait until I pack the tube to start the clock. Once the tube is packed I usually spend 10-15 minutes in the first tube before coming out of it, re warming and then going to the next size up. This method keeps swelling to a minimum for me which I think is key to growth.

Starting Stats: BPEL 8.2 Inches MSEG 5.1 Inches 08/25/2014

Current Stats: BPEL 10.125 Inches MSEG 6.9375 Inches 11/06/2018

It works so do the work.

Kudos for doing the work in reading through the forums,

Your routine looks educated and OK but I guess you will need more.
A progression of intensity and/or time/frequency.
3 to 12 weeks of intense PE followed by some rest.

Note that most big gainers did extreme stuff (without injuring themselves!) or did do PE for many many years.

What you said nothing about is your PI’s. Did you ever notice great fatigue or a sensation of a worked tissue?
Not pain but a kind of aching.. Where you notice that you can’t work your dick anymore?

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