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OVER a Year of PE with Minimal Girth Gains - Advice Requested


Thanks, man. I’ll definitely check that out. I appreciate the help.


I have heard some people swear by decon breaks and others call it pseudo “broscience”. I guess one never knows until we try. I also wonder if I should have stuck with just the Bathmate and jelqing for longer myself, although, I feel I did ease into the intensity. Thank you for taking the time to advise, I appreciate it.


Thank you for the clarification. I actually lift 3-4 days a week, squat, deadlift, bench with accessory lifts for each. Diet is low carb, high protein and fat. Having had numerous lifting/grappling injuries, I have noticed much less inflammation with low carb diets.

Is there a reason you prefer air pumps to water pumps?


Thanks for the reply. I try to read as much as I can so I don’t waste members’ time with easily-answered questions.

Honestly, I did not think that my routine had gotten too intense compared to a lot of other people. Clamping, horse squeezes, and more intense manual work had crossed my mind as an option, but I am in a place where I’m not sure if I’m doing too much or not enough.

Good question about PIs. Generally pretty good. I have no problem getting 100% erect during arousal and morning wood is still evident, although random erections throughout the day have declined. I am not sure if this is due to age as I’m approaching 40, or stress (I.e., recent job change, money concerns, baby on the way, etc.).

I never did get the sensation people mention of feeling sore, aching or overworked. There were times where it would have taken more focus to get fully erect after some sessions, but never to the extent a lot of others claim. Even when super-setting Bathmate and Slow Squash Jelqs, I never felt noticeably overworked.


Do you think the slight soreness/aching could be a positive PI I’ve been missing?

It doesn’t need to be more extreme techniques. Just more intensity overall as in time or repetitions. Once you are out of newbie gains there is “more” needed.
Don’t injure yourself. Always a sensible progression.
Your routine sounds ok and you can keep the techniques.

Maybe try a higher frequency until you “kill” your erection and experience your dick being “worked”.
This can happen via 1 intense or/and long session or with a higher frequency and less rest inbetween sessions.(you carry small fatigue until it builds up)

Try to gauge where the border is when you feel a little bit sore. If you arrive there rest until you are back at 100% and no soreness. Try to provoke a different reaction by your dick.
It’s like you arrive at a point where you have no desire to do an exercise or have sex. Similar to an intense muscle training session.

Originally Posted by Beardly
Do you think the slight soreness/aching could be a positive PI I’ve been missing?

yep could be.


Roger that. Simple concept that I didn’t really consider. Thanks, man.

Thanks to everyone for the advice. It’s greatly appreciated.

Well, took about 18 days off with a rice sock/bundled stretches here and there towards the end. A week ago, got back into a light-medium routine to ease back into the swing of things, 1 on/1 off with the following:

8 min rice sock
10 min bundled stretches
15 min Bathmate

Yesterday, incorporated 5 minutes of slow squash jelq before and after pump session to get the feel of it again. Things felt plump and good overall.

So far, it looks like upping the heat/bundled stretches throughout the week is helping to loosen things up to expand more. Once I get accustomed again to the intensity of manual work and pumping together, may ease into some clamping.

I just began clamping a few weeks ago and am starting slow so I don’t have any results yet. But after researching, clamping is the #1 way to make girth gains. Obviously it is different for everyone, but for those I read about who are struggling to make girth gains, clamping worked for them.

3/18 - Started: BPEL 5", MEG 4.4375".

12/18 - Current: BPEL 5.75", MEG 4.5".

Short term goal: BPEL 7", MEG 4.75". Long term goal: BPEL 7.5", MEG 5".

First, how do you pump erect or flaccid? You probably bought the pump because of GLL I assume, one thing some people don’t know is that he was on steroids so that might of helped in some way.


Thanks for the input. I’m planning in getting into clamping also once I get a few more weeks in on my routine. Are you going with 5 min or 10 min intervals? I’d be interested to see how it goes for you.

Miguel coto,

Always erect pumping. I definitely experienced some newbie gains from the Bathmate in the beginning, so do believe it is an asset. My decision was based on members’ recommendations from multiple sites (I over-research everything), but GLL was the first site I was active on.

I can’t speak for the steroids. Having had a ton of friends on them for years, I’ve seen some guys on conservative cycles who experience great EQ and others who inject like Ronnie Coleman and have to go on TRT afterward just to maintain erections because they lost the ability to produce their own test. Maybe it would have an effect on some of the smooth penile muscle but I won’t speculate. I never got into juicing myself.

You need to train more whit the pump. And buy little pump that is not very big around your penis. I got 0.4 sm from pump in 2 months (that is not better EQ and this measures are 2-3 days after last pumping session) my program was 2x25 mins every day. You need to stretch the girth whit the pump you know don’t look to be 5hg or something, do it on feel but be careful man. Good is to do 10min jelqs after pumping to restore penis. I don’t think bathmate can make strong vacuum like 6-7 hg


Thanks for the advice, man. The Bathmate isn’t as intense as it used to be and while I was always leery of getting an air pump, I know a lot of people like it due to the control and the fact that you don’t get the water retention.


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