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Only BTC-stretch lightly/daily

Only BTC-stretch lightly/daily

I did PE for 1 year some years ago. I now have a job and am also student, so there’s not as much time as before.

I would like to ask you if it’s quite harmless to be doing maybe 5-minute BTC-stretches twice a day, i.e. during toilet visits or so?

Before those sessions i could massage my unit some minutes to engage circulation.
Are flaccid gains possible with this and only this exercise?

Thanks for enlightenment! :)

//student :)

Ten minutes of stretching a day probably won’t help you gain much, if anything. It would be harmless and, IMO, useless. Might it not be possible for you to do some jelqing “under the covers” after you go to bed each night? Even 30 minutes of dry jelqing combined with your stretching would add to the possibility for gains. The stretching alone wouldn’t do much to make things bigger.

I agree, it probably won’t do anything for you, unless you enjoy it.

Horny Bastard

I have never figured out how to do dry jelqs, maybe it’s my size… Wet jelqs however are easy.
Could I get suggestions for a very simple stretch routine with gain-potential? It would mean the world :)

Maybe BTC + V-stretches, some 20minutes / day? Including massage to prepare it.
I think I have read about people stretching at every toilet visit and that they have experienced gains, flaccid at least…


That sounds a little better. Then add an ads to that.

Horny Bastard

Btw, is a thorough heat-warmup needed prior to stretches?

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