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BTC Stretch

BTC Stretch

Hey guys,

I was doing a BTC stretch this morning. I think I got a little carried away and pulled just a bit too hard. I had a good grip and I usually do it for 60 seconds both sides. When I do the BTC stretch, I usually raise my leg, but this morning I lowered the leg and felt a nice stretch. I then felt a snap and stopped right away. I noticed that in the middle of my penis, I got a small marble size ball of swelling that turned purple. What the hell did I do? I’m concerned and I’m thinking it’s a ligament or something? I have no pain; I can still get hard..

Any advice?

I don’t think you have ligaments in the middle of your member. Only at the base, no? Maybe you popped a blood vessel.


Jesus, how hard were you pulling? Wow.

OK nin0 is right there are no ligaments that far up your penis.

It sounds like nin0 is also right that a blood vessel has been breached. I’m not sure I’ve heard of this being done with stretching before. It’s normally a Jelq or girth related injury. Maybe you weakened it by jelqing.

You will need to wait for the swelling to disappear completely and the injury to heal before continuing PE. You are looking at a minimum of 2 weeks off and after that you will have to be very careful of that area and assume that it is weak and could breach again, so start back slowly. In the meantime hot wraps may help the healing.

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Thanks guys. I hope it’s just a blood vessel. I been jelqing for about 5 months now and I’m doing about 200 to 300 (3 sec.) Jelqs, perhaps your right memento, I could have weakened it by to much jelqing? I’ll take your advice and take a few off and then start slow. Guess I was overzealous. I hope I don’t loose any of my gains thus far.

>I could have weakened it by to much jelqing?<

Maybe going too far in one session. How was your session before your BTC stretch? I’ve done this myself, jelqing in low light conditions (bad). You don’t notice until you feel the bump.

>I hope I don’t loose any of my gains thus far.<

2 weeks is no time at all. Be very careful when you start back up though, if you go straight back full force you may be back to square one. If in doubt take more time off.

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Hey guys, everything look good. A little purple but everything works just fine. I did a little research using Google and it sounds like a vessel. I can’t wait to get back at it, I’ll take about three weeks off and start like a newbie. This thing is all about patience..


>This thing is all about patience.<

So true.

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