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BTC stretch comfortability question

BTC stretch comfortability question


A question for those who encorporate BTC stretches in their routines: “It this uncomfortable for your balls or possibly even dangerous?” When you pull your flacid penis back between your butt cheeks your balls get mushed to the sides of the nutsack. This cramped environment for your balls can’t be good. Also in what position do you do the BTC stretch (i.e. lying on your side, etc.) and what is the duration for each stretch. I’d like to encorporate BTC in my routine (my LOT is 7:30) to mix things up, but I want to do it right before I encorporate it in my routine. Thanks. I know their is a video but I can’t access it.


I lie with my back on a bed and hang BTC with my feet resting on a stool in front of me. My penis falls between the balls, which can get a bit uncomfortable, but doesn’t do any damage. If you feel real *pain*, then that’s a problem. What is the discomfort you feel?

By the way, at a 7:30 LOT you probably have limited lig gains to be made. Worth a try though!

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Heat up your balls to relax them, then your dick will go in between them. Your ballsac is too tight by the sounds of it.

I lay on my side with an arm reaching underneath my leg to stretch my wang. I usually hold 10 of these stretches for 1 to 2 minutes. The only “rest” between each set is the time it takes me to switch hands (and sides).

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Goal...bigger ;)


I’ve been doing them for quite a few months now, and never had a problem; if anything, my ball sack is more pronounced, rounder. Maybe you do need to warm them up before stretching. I do it standing up. I can pull it further back that way. Of course I can’t sustain the stretch for as long a period of time—probably a half to one minute. But I do them off and on for at least a half hour.


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When I do standing manual BTC stretches I move my nutsack to the left or right to go around my balls, because I don’t like the feeling of my balls getting mashed eather.

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