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Number Of Jelqs and a stretch q

Number Of Jelqs and a stretch q

First off, hey guys, what’s up? I’m new :P Though I’ve visited frequently for a few months, I haven’t ever been able to register with the limitations on members.

I wasn’t ready to start PE until I actually could become a member of the board because I wanted to be able to confirm a few things before I started to actually get into it. I did try a few things though, just to see what it was like.

So, yesterday, I started.

My question is based around the number of jelqs a newbie should do.

I’ve read in the newbie routine that you should do 10 minutes of 3 seconds.. Around 200 or what not jelqs. However, I’ve seen other newbie routines saying that you should start with 50-60.

Is there a specific one that I should follow? Or should I just go with whatever feels comfortable for me?

I also have another question:

Is it normal for someone to not really feel the ligaments being pulled on in that area? I don’t know exactly how to put it, but I’ll try my best:

I stretch to the left, right, blah blah, and if I feel where it’s supposed to be stretching with my other hand, I can feel the pull. But I can’t feel a pull without using my other hand to feel the area in question. It doesn’t feel like anything is happening to my ligaments unless I put my hand there to actually FEEL my ligaments.

Does this make sense? (Sorry if it doesn’t, I’m tired, and my communication skills are lacking at present)

LAST QUESTION: When I see 5 days on, 2 days off in people’s personal routines, I question this:

Is it 2 days on, 1 off, 2 days on, 1 off, then 1 on, as a week for them?

Or is it literally something along the lines of 5 days a week, a work week of PE, then take a weekend break?

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.. I keep thinking up questions to ask and it’s getting bothersome for me, and I imagine it might be a bit bothersome for you too :P

I saw someone mention a thread about “how to measure” I’ve looked with search, and in different sections of the forum..

I still can’t find the “how to measure” pics or the thread or whatever it was..

Can anyone direct me?

(The reason why I double posted was because I couldn’t edit my previous post anymore)

I just started a couple of weeks back on the newbie routine and then the registration thing opened up. I only just got a real feeling of stretch in the second week, and I put it down to more confidence in stretching with slightly more strength. As for the jelqing thing, I went straight to the 200 without any problems or negative PIs, so I guess it was ok for me. So far so good.

As for the ‘how to measure’ post, I saw it today, but I sure don’t know where it was now. BPEL measured from above with your penis straight out and the measure pushed right into the fat pad. Girth is mid-shaft. Other than that, I forget.

Good luck.

Welcome to Thunder’s, guys.

For starters try this link:
Penis Enlargement Manual

After you have burned yourself out on those topics, learn to use the “Search” feature.

The wisdom is endless here.

I did use the search feature, and I looked at the different routines that people do, including the newbie routine, advanced routine, etc, hence why I’m curious what people really think about newbie routines.. 200 or 60, raising by 10 every time till 200? Or what not.. What people tend to think is best nowadays.. Cause I’ve seen people who start with 60 and start with 200, and all that.

I read about 20 topics, and none of them led me to my answers ;) Even after the search engine -.-

I searched for several different things >>

The posts and topics don’t answer my questions:::

I’ve started with 200, but would people think that it’s better to start with 50-60 and increase each time?
Is it normal not to feel strain on the ligaments? Or am I not doing it hard enough, or what?
When I see 5 days on, 2 days off in people’s personal routines, I question this:
Is it 2 days on, 1 off, 2 days on, 1 off, then 1 on, as a week for them?

I don’t ask questions if I can find out on my own :P
I could be missing something though.

I have read all the manuals, and I’ve read other people’s routines, and the recommended routines. Believe me, my good man, I’m far from a newb to the world of forums ;) Just to the world of PE in these circumstances questioned above ;)

Sorry if I seem defensive or mean in these posts >>

I know I could be wrong and missing something.

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"Niveus” participation I think that 2 days off you can divide them when you feel that it may painful if you won’t have a rest if you feel yourself ok you delay it the days o ff for another day

To be honest Niveus I think you are doing too much research. There are many people out there stating their routines and naturally they will al differ because not too many of us are alike. To put an example; if someone says there are 100 ways of killing a skunk someone else will say there are 200 ways of doing in the poor beast.

You must also remember that it may be related to other exercises in the routine , that is, More of one exercise, and less of another . So the message is stick to one routine like the Newbie one here and then take stock and see what parts of the routine have been more useful then look around for exercises using your best ‘gainers’.

If my ligaments are anything to go by there isn’t much in the way of sesitivity there , But where they connect up with muscle, there are nerves etc so that is where I feel the pain . (I’m using me as others may be different) So it may be you are less sensitive there than others.

Sorry it’s not much help but I would suggest you watch the pain in the flesh and make sure there are no blood blisters.

But to sum up. the more you read the more routines and differences you will find.


Different routines suit different people. Some routines are good and some bad. It’s the way the world is. So the best deal is to find a quality site (You’re already there) and see what is suggested.

Don't be a lurker left out in the cold. :lurk: Join the happy band of donors!

Psst! The link is at the bottom of the page :bigwink:

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