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Penis Enlargement Manual

Penis Enlargement Manual

Welcome to Thunder’s Place, and to being one step closer to a significantly longer and girthier shlong. Whatever else goes on here, the main purpose of this place is to take that desire and make it real.

First things first. Don’t spend any money. You may choose to spend some money later on, and that is your choice, but it is not necessary to gain a larger penis. Better to learn what not to waste your money on first.

Time is a different matter. Time and consistency are requirements and the only way around that is to go the surgical route to penis enlargement and even that is no guarantee.

The Thunder’s Place Penis Enlargement Manual contains a number of tutorial pieces to help you wend away the small hours in the research of your new favorite hobby. Research is important, without it you will definitely cause yourself an injury.

Pages of note include:

How To Jelq

Locating the BC muscle




Jelq Sticks

Wrapping for Hanging, Girth and Traction

The Captn’s Wench

Bib Hanger

Zekeman’s Stretcher

Downloadable copy with a few extras in it. Thanks to BigRig!

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This thread, the new forum members “Most Important PE Threads” and the “Most Annoying and Frequently Asked Questions” should be mandatory reading.

BPEL - 5.75 inches

BPFSL - 6.25 inches

I just want to know how can I do it to enlarge my penis

Hey all, was wondering if anybody with medical background can answer a somewhat unusual question.

I’m interested to start jelq exercises but am going away to Peru in a couple of weeks. It goes without saying that I will be at a significantly higher altitude for quite some time, a response to which includes increasingly viscous blood. This can lead to higher instance of thrombus formation, in response to the damaged capillaries.

I was wondering if there is anyone who can advise me on whether this means I shouldn’t jelq while in the Andes? Not too keen on me lad falling off.


Hi I’m here to see if any body knows how I can get a big penis my size is 5 and I want to get a list 2 inches more so please help to make it thank you

Hello guy

I just start to done but don’t clear while the jelq must be erected right! If flaccid,it will be workout or not (almost after warm up,no erection)

Anybody tell me! The thread true/fail
If I have foreskin when workout,it’s milk run on the skin!


I Want To How Can Manually In large My Penis. Please Advise Me


I’m at 5 3/4’s. Ladies always tell me that I have a nice shape. Realistically an extra inch in length and 25% more thickness would be fantastic. I know this depends on the person’s body, effort, and other unknowns but has anyone attained those type of goals?

Another question. Is this permanent of do I have to spend 30 minutes a day exercising my organ to keep it larger? I mean admit it. That’s a hassle.

And will it affect my shape? That is, potential disfigurement from PE?

Hi Pedro,

Welcome to the forum.

You mix your goals using percentage and length. I’m not aware of anyone who’s added 25% to a 75” girth, for example. People do an inch sometimes with ease and sometimes with great effort.

Is this permanent

There are many threads on permanence. Some people say they have lost their gains, others don’t seem to hit this problem. Read other people’s accounts for more info (search is your friend).

And will it affect my shape? That is, potential disfigurement from PE?

It can effect the relative dimensions of your penis if done without care. Read up on the baseball bat effect.

Disfigurement is in the eye of the beholder. Adding an inch might be considered disfigurement.

Thunder's Place: increasing penis size one dick at a time.

Thanks for the PDF manual.

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