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Newb question (erection probs)

Newb question (erection probs)

OK, maybe I should be happy that I get rock hard TOO often, but its aggrivating during PE, and at other times.

I basically have a hair-triggered erection reflex. The word “Semi” is not in my vocabulary. As soon as I touch my junk, it gets rock hard, which is a no-no for PE. So I have resorted to mast. before I do my workouts, b/c aftewards is the only time I can stay soft.

Furthermore, this has become a problem in day to day life……its sad when you cant even have a friend sit in your lap without sporting major wood=(


trust me I would like to have your probem. You have to bust a nut in order to do a proper jelq work out? Oh darn, I wish I had that problem. Trust me this won’t last, after awhile he will begin to figure out this is work not play and will not want to give you even 60%. Enjoy it while it lasts.

Check it out guys, no need to have a big dick if you ain't gonna use it!!

Thanks for the reply. I was just concerned because I read that ejactualating within 2 hours of PE was a no no, and I was having to do it right before. Hopefully your right though, maybe my penis will realize this is NOT fun!

I have the exact same problem. I cant sleep at night if I didnt come in the day and if I manage to, I get an erection for every girl I see the next day. Hell, even ugly or old women can turn me on. It’s very embarrasing and annoying for PE.

Here’s what worked for me:

I found out that doing a lot of exercice before PEing was a good thing. I usualy do 10 mins. standing run separated by 4 series of 15 to 20 push-ups. Following that, I do some bodybuilding. My goal there isnt to get pretty and lean muscle, even if it does, it is to tire myself the most possible. When I’m done I usualy have the feeling im going to puke so I wait 5 mins. and start my regular newbs peing.

Coming right before wich, of what I heard, slow down any progress. From what I read, it can be ok for stretching but its bad for jelquing. And if I wait 2 hours it wont work =).

Other suggestions:

Doing a lot of Kegels right before can help a lot also.
when I dont have the time to exercice before, I do 15 times:10 kegels followed by a 10 second hold, start over. The whole lot 3 times.

Something I found out that worked for stretching is doing something else at the same time wich involve a certain degree of intellectualization like reading an involving e-book or playing one handed video games.

For jelq or toning, the only things that seems to slow down my erections seems to be contracting my belly muscle and kegel as long as I can hold them.

For some people, just relaxing and concentrating on their inner toughts do the trick. It’s a bit like meditation, u just have to let go all of your toughts until your head is empty and dosent feel any more desire.

Well, that’s about it. Altough you may find my first suggestion a bit drastic but I find its the best I can do and I do it whenever I can. If you have some suggestions post them.

Notes: if there are some sentences you dont understand or seem a bit strange to you, it might be because english is not my first langage. Please, feel free to post any correction or rectification wich you think would help other readers understand my Sanskrit.

Thank you. I hope it helps

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