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Prompted by Bib's question about erection angle ...

Prompted by Bib's question about erection angle ...

Hi guys,

This thread is prompted by the question Bib asked us all to respond to in his recently started thread.

He asked what angle our erections are.

I guess the experience of others is like mine, but I’d like to know. These sites allow us to talk over stuff that we don’t talk about in real life. My morning erection is often much more at an angle than what it might be just with stimulation. It can even point right up. I am mid 50s and this it like being a teen again. I guess kegels have helped.

Is this the experience of other guys that morning erections are much harder than ones produced with stimulation. Does anyone one know what the reason is?

I hope many will respond to this.

Thanks and best of luck to all with PE,


My angle has decreased slightly, but it doesen’t go below about 70 degrees. The reason for a really hard morning woodie is rest and testosterone. Your body releases more testosterone just before you, ahem, rise in the morning. If you take “Avena Sativa”, which is basically an oat, extract before you go to bed you may find this erection is even more exaggerated.

hope this helps

I have noticed the same thing ant

Restarting everything.

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