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Question on erection level

Question on erection level

It says in the description of how to jelq that “The minimum erection level you should allow is 40%-50%. In general, the greater the erection, the more effect on girth. Likewise, the lower the erection, the more effect on length. That said, some gain length easily and others only find girth increases. Jelqing with erections higher than 80% should be avoided initially.”

I don’t really understand how to figure out the erection %. I usually think of it either as erect or not. Also, what’s the best way to get it erect? I have a feeling that if I start watching pornos and then touching my penis I’m not going to want to jelq. I tried doing the newbie routine for the first time yesterday but am afraid to continue it till I get this part right.

Go for the stage where you are still fairly pumped up, but bendable and pliable.



When 100% is a full blown erection and 0% is totally limp you get an idea how to calculate erection levels. A way to get an erection without wanting to jack off is masturbate without watching porno.

I try not to think about anything terribly sexy, man handle it a little bit and it does not really get fully erect but does seem to get aroused slightly by touching.

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Thanks for the response, I’ll try it again tonight. I also noticed that the beginner’s routine requires a significant time investment. Does it all have to be done at once or can you split it up (ex manual stretching in the morning and jelqing at night)?

Doesn’t matter just get in your (not ->ur) routine daily at such.

Here is a thread that should help answer your question Alternative Measure

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