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Erection Probs

Erection Probs

Hi guys,

Right- i know theres a couple of similair threads already on here—but mine is slightly different situationwise, so didnt want to hijack one of them.

Im 27— ex bodybuilder and very healthy- decent size BP 7.5 inches.
PE`d a little and gained a fair bit of thickness.

anyway—about a year ago i started having erection problems.
At the moment if im about to have sex with a regular fuckfriend— then i can get hard no problem- but it doesnt stay hard unless i get lots of stimulation.
once ive cum—thats it i wont get hard again- my penis just feels lifeless like its completely fatigued.

about 10 mins later i can get hard again but wont cum off penetration-the only way i`ll cum is if im masturbated really fast-any slight drop in stimulation and i`ll go limp. even go limp off oral sex.

I guess thats not the end of the world BUt—when im with somone new it gets worse.
I get performance anxiety issues. I was with somone the other night—whom tried to go ontop of me for sex and i wasnt hard enough to enter her— eventually i can manage to penetrate her if i go on top and play around a bit. as you can guess this is embarrassing and makes my anxiety worse.

i had another embarrassing encounter recently too— i had sex with a girl for the second time after a 20 minute break— i was inside her and as i was thrusting- even tho it felt really good, i just started losing my erection and went completely limp— my penis felt like jelly.
Its like whatever muscle etc restricts the blood flow just gets exhausted and fails.

so there are a few factors i want to list.
1) steroids— is my testosterone level normal— well even if it isnt-when i am on steroids i still have this problem.
2) i masturabte twice minimum everyday to porn.
3) ive used a suckion pump for penis length about 6 months ago—

I was thinking of taking l-arginine

ive got a dose of clomid and steroids if i need them by the way.

I just want to get to the bottom of what the problem is.

Can you guys list some herbs vits/min etc for me to try any oyher suggestions— do you think the masturbation is causing issues or do u think i need to do kegels?

anyhelp welcomed




Your performance is normal, from the difficulties with new partners to the difficulties in going a second time.

If you want to be a sexual superman to your ladies (and who doesn’t?), you should try reducing the masturbation for a day or two before a tryst; nothing will increase sensitivity like sensory deprivation. Kegels may help. But it sounds like you know these things already. Put them into practice, and report back to us with your results!

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A few things I would consider if I was you:
1. Cut down on the masturbating, once every three days might be more dick friendly.
2. L-Arginine will help your penis become harder.
3. Incorporate kegels to your daily routine.
4. If you currently PE lay off for a short period. Try to identify any dangerous things you are doing that could be damaging and cut down or take a break.

If you have done all of the above and you don’t feel things have improved visit your doctor or urologist. But from what you have said it sounds like over-worked penis, combined with anxieties.

Good luck let us know how things go on. Melv

p.s. Para-Goomba - Love the new name!


I would definitely cut out the masturbation on date nights. That could solve your whole problem, end of issue. You are getting older you know and the ability for multiple orgasms goes down with age. Totally normal. Just don’t jack off before seeing Jill!

You wrote steroids. Are you talking about anabolic steroids. If so, These have been known to reduce your ability for prolonged erections and contribute to testicular shrinkage. I have my own opinion on steroids and they differ from main stream thinking that steroids are bad for you. But, with anything there are side affects and especially with the dosage regimen you may be following. Why do you think so many extreme body builders with perfect diet and perfect cardiovascular systems appear to have half a pack of certs in their spedos. Hint; It’s not the size of their bodies making things ‘appear smaller.”

Also lose the porn, the first place sexual stimulation occurs, is in the brain. Rarely do those of us who are normal and have normal girlfriends, doing ‘normal sex’, for normal durations stack up against the porn giants. Don’t think that you have to perform as they do. I found getting off the masturbatory train of video helped my sex life immensely. And follow the others advice; take a break, your loads will be bigger, stronger, shoot farther and feel 10x more intense.

I feel like a little bity worm on a great big hook.

firstly— thanks guys for your time,

Para, i hope that isnt normal.- it carnt be normal if im meeting somone new and i canrt get a strong enough erection to stop me buckling when i try to penetrate her. also my best friend who is 24 (im 27) has sex and cums3 times in the space of just over an hour.
Melvin- some really good points there.

when i masturbate—its not like bang bang and cum as soon as i can—i drag it out over upto 2 hours somtimes- so i think this really stresses my erective tissues-muscles etc

so 1) cut the masturbation down— once every 3 days OMG i`ll climb the walls man!!!!!!!!!!!! just once a day would be hard enough- but in the interest of science i`ll take up knitting and see how that goes- (i reckon thats a big reason for it to be honest)

2)i`ll try the l-arginine and kegels— man maybe i should use the enrgy to start PEing again as ive not done that for a while.

Goldylox— i agree with the porn thing desensitisng your brain to stimulus
i remember not long ago i had a girl begging me to penetrate her on the bonnet of my car and i was like—hmm gareth your not interested - this should be somthing youve dreamed of— i totally blame porn for this..

Would i blame the steroids for any of this—well it might have contributed- but as somone thats done some pretty heavy dosages of steroids in the past— the testicle shrinkage is only temporary becasue your own body stops producing testosterone. they definately grow back.
wether its affected my natural testosteron levels who knows— bt then again i still ahve this problem when im injecting tesosterone in my body so that should discount it.

maybe i should use the excess energy to PE instead of masturbate although i reckon i`ll have such a hardon that jelqs will always be
what do you think?


just an update— after not masturbating for 3 days now. Im not actualy missing it yet which is weird- becasue before i had these problems not doing it for 1 day drove me i figure my unit really does need a rest- also i can sense its there a lot more now so i think its doing it some good.

Bro stop playing with yourself so much and you will be good to go

I haven't failed, I've found 10,000 ways that don't work. Thomas Edison (1847-1931)

>>Para, i hope that isnt normal.- it carnt be normal if im meeting somone new and i canrt get a strong enough erection to stop me buckling when i try to penetrate her. also my best friend who is 24 (im 27) has sex and cums3 times in the space of just over an hour. <<

Your friend has an unusual gift. (Assuming he isn’t using male multiple-orgasm techniques of restraining the ejaculation.)

To address your problem with new girls, why not try a small dose of generic viagra before such an encounter?? If you depend on it only for the first time or two you get it on with someone new, I don’t see anything wrong with that.

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Arginine-ornitine 1 hour before you have sex (empty stomach)
and you can use it at night time even if you dont have sex.
Like all the supplements, better have some days off…

kegels kegels kegels. (BC)
It helps with erections
it helps with control, it’s one of the best part of PE
Here andrologist recommend to do some kegels
every hour!
I use them a lot, medium force, 70/80%
with pause in between, all the day long.
You will probably have less desire for masturbation, too..
All the days seems…too much, for me.
But if you have a gf all the days…it’s ok!!


cheers guys

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