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New stretch have no seen anywhere

New stretch have no seen anywhere

Hey everyone just wanting some feedback after an intense stretching session. Was somewhat experimenting with different grips and angles and came up with this. It incorporates JAI and fulcrum stretches and can also be done bundled.

Here is how it works.

Take a grip of flaccid penis with thumb and index finger closest to pubic bone.

I do up down left right. The thought is to do a JAI hold for 2 seconds literally pulling entire unit left, right, up, down. When you pull keep your hand perpendicular to pubic bone creating a natural fulcrum in the stretch. Hold it for 2 seconds in each direction using knuckles and thumb as fulcrums.

I felt like it was an amazing stretch and I think a new one to master. Is there anything else like this out there? I call it a windshield wiper stretch as the left to right reminds me of windshield wiper.

Please comment or reply and try it, I cannot post in main forum yet this probably isnt for beginners.

Won’t hurt to try, never really thought of a stretch so close to the base. Let’s hear what other vets can say about it =)

Thanks, friend.

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You can also change the grip position to change the fulcrum spot or angle. To me it has the best parts of different stretches. As in lifting weights the more dynamic the motion the better overall workout.

Similar to Power Jelq 2.0 step one.

Got a link I couldn’t find it


Is this kind of what you mean? (Includes picture)

Johan’s thumbstretch for upper tunica

for the up direction? Then you go left right but down seems like a natural stretch

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Nope ill try to take a pic or make a drawing, kinda doing this as a secret now so don’t want wifey to know lol until she notices herself.

So grab everything a stretch it?

Let me see if I can explain better, will try to do pics tonight.

1. Take a full hand grip of penis with thumb and forefinger closest to public bone. You can vary position based on the area you want to use as fulcrum

2. Keeping hand at that angle 90 degrees to your body and your thumb and forefinger in contact with stomach/public skin. If right handed like me you can pull the unit right, push left, pull up, push down.

3. When you pull/push keeping the hand next to stomach creates a natural fulcrum and a deep deep stretch. When I pull right, again right handed grip, my knuckles are used as a natural fulcrum. When pushing down the back of hand becomes a natural fulcrum. Pulling up your thumb becomes the fulcrum.

4. Hold each stretch for a count of 2-4 and I usually kegel hard at the same time.

Its nothing super complicated so maybe you guys do it as a normal stretch and I’ve just never done the stretches this way. To me in incorporates the JAI and fulcrum stretches. Can also do it bundled.

Does that help?? If anyone gets it and can explain more please do.

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