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New stretch variation

New stretch variation

Let me know if any of you have also performed this, and what, if any, have been your experiences.

Today was my stretching day, where I do 3 sets of DLD blasters with the A-Stretch, about 4 hours apart. The reason I did 3 sets today, instead of the usual 2 is because, well, it is the weekend, and there was more time available to me. I figure, why not use the valuable time to my advantage?

Anyways, after doing the preliminaries associated with the DLD blasters, and getting right into them with the A-Stretch, here is where I modified the stretch.

Now this may have been done before, if it has, great, and I’m not trying to “invent” a new exercise, rather, just sharing my personal experiences with PE. I hope you try it out!

Here it is.

In the continuous cycle of kegaling and reverse kegaling, the modification comes into play on the reverse kegal. Everything about the A-Stretch is the same, where you stretch and with your other arm (wrist), using it as a fulcrum.

Normally, when doing the stretch of the A-Stretch, you pull out with the stretch with one hand, and with the other (your wrist) you pivot upwards, for a two dimensional application. However, and this is the modification I’m getting at, while also pulling out and pivoting upwards, add this technique to the stretch. On your stretch out, keep your grip the same, keep the stretching out the same, and also add into the stretch some slow cranks.

That is, when you pull out and reverse kegal, also perform cranks after stretching outwards to your fullest potential.

We now have a three dimensional stretch…I think! Maybe more like three sources of stress for the ligaments.

You may find that you won’t be able to exert as much stretching force as you are used too. At least for me, this was the case!

Try it out and see for yourself. And since we are intelligent people and can think for ourselves, do the obvious and be smart about it, eh?

I am building a Canadian Maple for the lovely!

This sounds like it’s worth a try….especially since the rotary motion will be hitting your schnitzel from different LOT angles.

Interesting. I always do a couple of sets of slow cranks after my Blasters but never thought to try incorporating the two. Thanks for the idea, I’ll give it a shot.

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