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New V stretch variation??

New V stretch variation??

I’m sure someone out there must have already mentioned this stretch but I couldn’t find anything on a search so here goes:
I noticed a 0.1” gain after a week ( although such a small amount is hard to be sure) and have continued since but have not measured , anyway.
I basically do what I can only describe as a one handed v stretch but doing it this way seems to apply much more pressure to the tunica and / or ligs depending on how its performed .

1)with one hand pull penis outwards just below glands.
2) with other hand grip towards the base between thumb and forfinger ( like a jelq) BUT ,with your hand outwardly inverted ie so the top side of the penis is against your palm kind of like how an upside down jelq might look.
3) (let go with other hand ,its just to help get a grip) Gripping hard if you push your hand down you are effectively just doing a downward manual stretch so do this to a point you normally stretch to but if you then also turn your hand towards yourself the tunica is stretched out over the back of your hand at the same time.

You can vary the type of stretch by either pushing down more for ligs or concentrating more on the rotation for tunica. Also you can very the point at which you initially grip so the stretch is effective in different areas.
You can definately feel when your doing it right as its fairly intense.

If people are already doing this or you know that someone else has posted about this I’d like to know what peoples thoughts are about this technique ,particularly any safety issues.

I’d particularly like some of the vets to give it a go if they haven’t already as someone more experienced than me would know a good stretch from a bad one ,
Sorry if the discription is hard to follow but I’m crap at drawing so I tried to explain it as best I could…

Like this? Its hard to tell from your explanation

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Its the same principal but twisting your hand towards your body not away from it and with your palm facing also away from your body.. It helps to swap hands as it tends to focus more on one side depending which hand you use. I’m gona try andf put together a diagram to make it clearer so bare with me

I know this looks like a 3 year old child has drawn this but hope it helps clarify .

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