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Morning wood ,like I was 16 again

Morning wood ,like I was 16 again

It’s been a week since I’ve started using the tennis ball for kegels resistance and yesterday morning the wood woke me up and wouldn’t go down for an hour! Great feeling ,I haven’t had that happen in a long time. I have only added this new exercise to my routine and nothing else so it only makes sense this is the reason. I would suggest this exercise to anyone who is having trouble doing regular kegels as I only do them for about 10 min. A day and take a break on my normal break days. Just in case some hasn’t read the other thread ,this is how I do them: Place tennis ball just behind your scrotum at the point where your BC muscle flexes, while sitting down, adjust for comfort.I do 20, 2 second flexes holding the last one for 10 seconds, rest for a minute then repeat 5 times. Your BC will be pretty tired after some good sets of these. Hope this will help some out there that are having trouble getting the flexes to work like I have .

Thanks Dickenstein. There are a few of us older guys on this website who relish your wood achievements. As a man ages, nighttime and morning wood diminishes. Losing those is like losing a real part of a mans masculinity. How old are you Stein? Thanks for posting your accomplishments. Keep us apprized of the wood situation.

I’m 31, 32 in another week and I smoke regularly since I was 13. Most don’t consider 32 old but when you haven’t had a good morning woodie in ten years, it feels really good! Have you tried the tennis ball kegels yet,if so how are they for you?

Hey Stein: I am 58 and I just saw your first post and can assure you that I will be trying them. I have found that pumping increases wood at night and in the morning. Recently I started clamping along with pumping and jelging. Night before last I too woke up to a hard like I havent had in years. To me the key is working aggressively everything about our anatomy as men to stay young. Such an approach is not unthinkable. We exercise our bodies with weight training and aerobic exercises to stay fit and as young as possible. I’ll keep in touch on the tennis ball kegels. Since I am a good bit older than you, it may take me longer to see results but I intend to give your regimen the old college try.

Good luck thinktank, I think it will do wonders as long as you don’t over train the muscle. You can tell when you reach that last set on the last hold and you can’t quite hold it for time you’ve allotted, that you’ve had a good set.

Hey Dr. Dickenstein. I tried your regimen the first time tonight. Do you use a chair with a hard bottom (as in wood bottom) or do you use a cushioned chair for your regimen? I tried both. Naturally the wood bottomed chair was more uncomfortable. Is the key to put as much pressure on your BC muscles or is it just to put mild to moderate pressure. Thanks for answering all my questions.

Dickenstein, that’s the whole idea! PE should be called Penis Health. Better erections and overall better penis health are secondary (not so secondary, IMO) effects of PE, ifi done correctly. Congratulations on your wood.

I’m going to tell you this only once: Quit smoking. Cigarrete smoking (after Lorena Bobbit) is the worst enemy of the dick.

I’m 47 and kicking ass in that department, BTW.

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Yes Ive heard smoking can contribute towards ED, which has to be fairly major motivation to quit

Hey Thinktank, I use a wooden chair with 2 cushions, that way if the ball doesn’t sit quite right and comfortably I can roll the top cushion to help push the ball up. I use moderate pressure, too much and you can feel it pinch against bone. It will take a few times to get the right feel.Hope that helps. Hog thanks, I feel the same about having a healthy dick too. I know smoking ain’t good for anything.. But it’s so hard to quit and I’ve tried a few times, I know it’s mind over matter, I’ve just got to get my mind to make it matter.

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