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23 yr old, no morning wood?


23 yr old, no morning wood?

Ok, I am 23 yrs old, but thing is, I rarely get a morning erection, nor do I get them during the day unless I am experiecning stimulation.

When I was 18 I would wake up and BAM, hardon. I would be in physics class and BAM, hardon. But now, if I have a hardon in the morning, its most likely because I have to piss like a race horse.

Here is a little background info

I don’t smoke
Don’t drink
been off caffine for 4 weeks now
I am 175 lbs and almost 6 foot, so I am pretty lean. Probably 15% bodyfat give or take
I play golf, so I keep myself active
I haven’t been taking any supplements or vitamins for a while. Partly because I was off of them to find out how my blood tests were going to be. But I just haven’t gotten back into a routine of taking them.

I have a normal 8-5 job, I spend my entire day on a computer at work, and even for several more hours at home.

I don’t have a problem getting an erection when it comes time for it, but for some reason, I feel like I should be getting morning wood or I should be getting at least mild ones throughout the day.

I don’t know if I am some ZEN master cock control or if there is something else that is amiss.

I was on L-Arginine for like 2 weeks but then I had to go off of them for that blood test thing.

Anyways, what are your thoughts on this.


it’s okay…i’m 21 but I don’t wake up with a hardon, not every day anyway. I’m pretty sure your cock swells up at night to prevent you from pissing all over yourself…if you don’t have to pee really bad in the morning, I wouldn’t be expecting a raging hardon…

Btw, why the hell would you want a raging hardon every morning anyway? Seems like a blessing to not have to deal with it (to me). And besides, if you can get it up when it counts, who cares? =)

well, thats a good point, but for some reason, I read posts about people being able to get hard all the time and in a way, I feel like maybe my plumbing isn’t working at full capacity. I don’t know.

When I was 19 and visiting my girlfriend at the time in college, we would stay in a motel and everymorning, I would have a hardon, and when you are hard, you have that arousal and intensity to wanna screw, and we would often do it straight thing in the morning. For some reason, I just feel like I SHOULD be getting hard in the morning and not just because I have to pee.

johngreen: there are several possible explainations. Most likely this is normal for you. But there are several medical conditions that could account for lack of morning erections. I would suggest you see your doctor and make sure there are no silent medical problems like diabetes or thyroid abnormalities, or even low testosterone levels (this can happen in 23 year olds as well as 60 year olds). Also - sitting all day in a hard chair can cause nerve and blood vessel problems to account for this - the problem will resolve once the chair is changed to a soft seat.


Actually, they are soft seats :)

well, I just had some major bloodwork done not more then 1 1/2 months ago and even as recent as 3 weeks ago and I am told everything is AOK. My sugar levels are fine, no hepatiis, my cholesterol is fine, etc… According to the docs, I am a very healthy 23 yr old.

I am sure sitting down sure doesn’t help.

I am currently NOT exercising either. I said I play golf, but its not all the time. I am going to get back into biking, stair steps, and more and maybe that will help.

I’m 18 and don’t always have raging hard-ons. I don’t worry about this because I know I am healthy and can definitely perform when the time comes, much like you. So don’t worry about a thing. You’re not abnormal.


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As long as you are getting it up when you want to I wouldn’t worry. I am around your age and I only get morning wood sometimes, still more often than I would like. I have no problem at all getting it up when I want to, though. Girls always give me shit about wanting to fuck too much because I always get hard so quickly and too often.

I have some wuss roommates that cant handle the sight of my unit. I have to walk through the main apartment to get to the bathroom so morning wood sucks for me. I feel a little strange walking through the place with my hand down my shorts trying to push my boner down my leg.

I don’t get morning wood either. 25

I’m 23 also and didn’t always have them alot, but now I have mean ass morning wood every day! I’ve been body building,
I take suppliments (vitamins & minerals, ginko, cayenne, NOX2[arginine], whey protein.), and of course PE.

I wake up a few times through the night to shift sleeping positions and always notice a solid hardon happening down there.
You might want to try out a 2 month testosterone boost from taking the herb tribulus terrestris.

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Are you “overusing” it? Wanking it a little too much? That would definitely do it. I know mine became less when I got a broadband connection a few years ago (gee I wonder why). If not though, make sure you’re PE routine, if you are doing one, isn’t too intense as this could also cause weaker erections.

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Biking? I used to bike 200 miles/week, or more, back in my late 20s, but experienced enough penile numbness that I gave it up. There’s nothing quite like suddenly realizing that your unit is gone. Oh wait, it isn’t gone, it just doesn’t feel like it’s actually there! I got worried that I’d have long term effects and that was the end of cycling for me. (That wasn’t the only reason, but it did contribute.)

I’m 46 now and have normal nocturnal erections. They’ve lessened a little, but not that much.

Good luck!


Well, maybe I could take some gingko biloba or ginseng

Hey Johngreen,
I think you are fine if you had blood work and it was ok. Maybe you should have a physical. I started another thread on this topic here:

Morning Wood?

I am 34 and stopped getting it at 28 or so, and apparently that is “normal” for some people…

Cdr. Blop

well, the bloodwork also included a physical. I was good to go.

Maybe I shouldn’t even be bothered by it.

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