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Lots of Morning Wood!!!

Lots of Morning Wood!!!

I love this PE stuff!

Hopped in the sack with the wife last night and knocked off a piece.
Woke up early this morning, about 3:00 with wood. Woke up about 5:00 again with wood and again at 7:00 with wood.

The wife was already out of bed so I layed there and edged for some time. It was not just wood, it was so hard a cat couldn’t scratch it! After edging I decided to do some stretching and after some time I was able to push it strait down parralell with my legs. This really took some time though.

I don’t know why but I have this goal in my mind that I want my erect dick to reach above my belly button when laying down. i don’t know where I got this idea from but it is what I really want.

Oh, also, I can barely get my fingers around my woody now! My middle finger just touches my thumb if I squeeze a bit! This is improvement for me! I think that happened after I added the ULIs to my routine, both morning and night just as the founder stated. Yesterday was 1 month to the day and I saw a vast improvement!!!!!!!!


Man, I had a great jelqing sesson in the shower this morning as well!

I think it is going to be a good month!!!!!!!

Cheers to you all. Do good things.


Good to hear, vs. Have you measured your gains yet?

Yeah, I measured yesterday and have gained 1/8” girth in the first month of PE but no length gain yet. That is just jelqing and ULIs added in the last 2 weeks. I am pretty happy with that and have seen some pretty good looks on the wife’s face upon insertion and application! Heh heh. Last night she let out a few “WHOAs!” that sounded pretty convincing……….BTW she does not know I am doing this so let’s keep it our little secret OK? LOL

Hey wbassett, thanks for answering my post.

Cheers to you all. Do good things.


Thanks for the advise sparkyx. I will do just that.

What’s your girth? I dream of not being able to touch my middle finger to my thumb. I don’t know if that’s ever gonna happen though…

My girth is now 5 5/8”!!! I am real happy with this so far.

I am now 48.

5’3 1/2” tall 180lbs. Just a bit overweight.

My starting stats 1 month ago were 6 1/2” length and 5 1/2” girth.

As I stated, I have now added on 1/8” girth and am just estatic!

I only jelq and ULI. I occasionally stretch but don’t like how it sqeezed the head so I shy away a bit from that.

I do 700 quick jelqs in the shower every morning. After the first 200 I thighten the grip every 100. By the time I am at 600 I grip it as hard as possible. The last 700 really do the trick for me I think.

After the jelqs I ULI. I grab it in the typical OK grip and then take by middle-ring and pinky fingers and squeeze my dong between those three fingers and the heel of my hand. You have to be careful with this at first because it can create some real pressure. I do 5 squeezes and then hold for 10 seconds. I do 5 of these in each hand.

I do 300 jelqs in the bath at night and the same with the ULIs.

I also do the ULIs at work sometimes when taking a piss. I mean, it is already hanging out, right?

That’s my routine so far. I am happy thus far with the results…………

I don’t think I’ll (not—>ill) ever be satisfied with my girth cause I have big hands and they’re always gonna be able to wrap round it! Although when I get a girl with small hands it feels so good having her fit both hands on it and suck the tip. DAMN I’m horny now!

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