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Month Without Measuring: 8/20 - 9/20


Month Without Measuring: 8/20 - 9/20

To keep in the spirit of Gimli’s great idea…

July 20 - August 20 Month Challenge

… I thought I would post a new thread for a new month. My goal with this is just to be completely consistent with my routine, without any measuring whatsoever during the month, and then note the growth on September 20th.

Who’s with me?

I’m in but need a few info.

Like how many times per week or what routine are you on etc ..

Give me as much details and I’m in. Coming back from an injuries we will see
If I can maintain the pace.

Goal: done, in peace with what I have

Less is more.

Do whatever routine you want. This is just for motivation purposes.

Sure I’m in.

I’ll try to PE as consistently as I can.

All the best.

02-08-2007: 7"BP-4.7"EG "Starting Length"

Ok I’m in!! Starting the 22 or 23 ..

We should keep in touch on this thread to motivate ourselves.

I’m here almost everyday.

Goal: done, in peace with what I have

Less is more.

Start whenever you want, but it ends the 20th of September.

We definitely should support each other. I can’t wait to see my length gains in a month’s time!

I am in on this one. I entered in Gimli’s contest, however due to class and travel demands I wasn’t able to keep a consistent routine :( .

I plan to do the following routine for the coming month:
5 days on (weekdays), 2 days off (weekends)

5 minute warm up with electric heating pad
20 minutes of high pressure jelqing consisting of:
-About 10 seconds per jelq
-Rotate direction 90 degrees clockwise after 5 jelq reps (down, right, up, left, repeat)
10 minutes warm down, messaging the penis while in a heating pad

I don’t really have a stated “goal” for the end of this routine, I am just seeing if this would be a more effective means to work my penis then my current routine rotation of 2 days on, 1 day off.

Starting measurements:
BPEL: 7.0”
EG: 4.75”

I’ll be PEing anyway, so I’m in.

BPEL: 5.5
MSEG: 5.0

11 JULY 2007 - BPEL: 5.5" EG: 4.75" NBPEL: 4.5"

11 JUNE 2008 - BPEL: 6.75" EG: 5.0" Base EG: 5.5"

KingPole is my Sensei - Goal: Just a little bit more - Progress/Routine - My Pictures - Perfect Measuring Technique

How effective are 10 second jelqs, cczooc?

5 seems to be around my max.

The 10 second jelqs are very intense, and require a lot of mental focus as well. I try to concentrate on the slow expansion and tension I feel in the deeper tissues. I did not actually mean for them to become 10 seconds long, they just became that way from focusing on the feeling in the tissues. When I am done with my routine my penis is far denser and heavier then it was when I started. In addition, my arms feel like they have had a nice workout, and the skin between my thumb and index finger is slightly tender.

As for their effectiveness? That I will let you know on the 20th of September ;)

2 days down, 29 to go!

Good luck guys, lets hope that the dick fairy pays us all a visit. She owe’s me!

02-08-2007: 7"BP-4.7"EG "Starting Length"

Oh, I will gain, it just is a matter of how much. :D

I’m in for this one too. I just started one month ago today and I have a bad habit of measuring each day so hopefully I’ll be able to hold off for this month.

Right now I am doing the Newbie Routine and my starting stats are:
BPEL: 7.75”
EG: 5”

I’m also trying to lose some weight so hopefully that will help reduce my fat pad because right now it is a bit excessive.

Go guys keep working it !

Goal: done, in peace with what I have

Less is more.

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