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A very good measuring method

A very good measuring method

Some of you might have read my post about me being obsessed with the inconsistancy problems of regular measuring methods. I´ve tried every single method I could think of, but no matter what I´ve tried I always found that these methods are more or less inaccurate when it comes to monitor length progress. Until now that is…That´s right, I have found a measuring method that is accurate, easy and non-painful. It´s so damn simple that I find it hard to belive that no one else (to my knowledge) has come up with this before, that goes especially for the people doing surveys. Anyway, here´s how to do it:

1. Go to your bookshelf or local library and grab a book. Size doesn´t matter that much, but it should be a hardcover. I used a Paul Auster-book which is 150 pages and 21x13 cm. (It doesn´t have to be a book, just an object with about the same physics as a book).

2. Close the door behind you and drop your pants and get an erection (or stretch the penis if you are doing FSL). Now, standing up, align the book to the SIDE of your dick, just like you would if you were using a ruler, and bonepress.

3. The edge of the book should now be pressing against the hip/upper thigh/pubic bone area, parallell to your penis. For accuracys sake I find it best to keep the book/penis combo parallell to the floor.

4. Notice how far along the side of the book your penis goes. Take out the ruler and measure that distance on the book. (Advanced users might want to attatch a scale of some sort along the side of the book). You´re done.

The nice thing about this method is that you have a long contact surface againt a very hard part of your body, something you don´t have with regular measuring instruments (rulers, wooden sticks etc). The short side of a ruler is usually just about an inch, a stick is even more narrow, making it very knife-like (and painful!). It can also be hard to be consistant when it comes to angles of the ruler/stick.

I post two drawing of this method in case my description was unclear. I think you will notice that DLD has nothing to worry about in the graphic area…

Note 1: If someone has come up with this method before, please take the deserved credit for it and blame my ignorance for this post.
Note 2: According to this method I have 20.5 cm FSL.
Note 3: Sooner or later I will probably find some inaccuracy in this method too and go back into measuring obsession. Gah! But it sure seems like this is the right one…

Good luck.


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Here´s the second pic:

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I thought I’d try your method of measurement. I used a 157 page hardbound book and looked to see where I ended. Hell, I gained a quarter inch over using a ruler. Now, that method says I’m right at 7” and that’s my goal for length. Can I stop now :D ? I couldn’t wrap the book around my dick to measure the girth though. Maybe a softcover book? Good idea Sizemoore!

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Originally posted by clawhammer
Now, that method says I'm right at 7” and that's my goal for length. Can I stop now :D ? I couldn't wrap the book around my dick to measure the girth though. Maybe a softcover book?

Nah, you shouldn´t stop, keep going for that 8” :) It´s funny, with this method i measure slightly shorter than with a ruler on the side. And compared to traditional BP with a ruler it´s about the same, depending on how masochistic I feel. Measurments aside, the point is that this method is accurate, whereas traditional ruler use is not (in my opinion).

Oh, and for girth measurments I recommend the bikini issue of Sports Illustrated. :)

Still waiting for pics to be moderated…


Just watch out for paper cuts. Ouch!


I just noticed that Tom Hubbard made a post back in march about how to apply bedside litterature in our quest for consistant and honest measurements. My apologies to Tom, I missed that post for some unknown reason and I hope this won´t make me look like a copycat.


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