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Month Without Measuring: 8/20 - 9/20


Originally Posted by cczooc

@aom91 — Why is 10 seconds too much? I find that if I try to keep it at 6 seconds or so I don’t get much of a pump, and it feels more like slow masturbation then PE (which then makes it difficult to control erection levels)

Good question. IMO, it is safer to do jelqing as effectively and as quick as possible. Which is 3-5 seconds. Doing them for a longer period of time is putting yourself at risk for an injury. You are putting quantity over quality here.

Other guys, help me out here. I don’t think I hit the nail square on the head.

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I think you mean I was putting quality over quantity (you can only fit so many 10 second jelqs in a 20 minute session)

Thought I would update too, I havent PE’d since last monday, and my erections havent changed much. For giggles I measured myself again today to see if the rest period was helping at all.

I actually measured under 7” EL, and EG was still 4.5”

I am not really sure what this means, or how I should proceed with PE routines. Any advice is greatly appreciated.


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