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Measurement question

Measurement question

OK, pretty new at this, and I’d like to see if I have the ideas right. I realize that consistency is the only thing important for measurements, but I would like to understand the structure of the tool well enough to explain this.

I was measuring this morning, and I noticed that when I measured “on the side” it came out 1/2 inch longer than if I measured “over the top”. I tried to do a good bone pressed measurement each time.

So what gives? As far as I can tell, it’s one of two things:

1. The angle of the schlong with respect to the pubic bone is such that the pubic bone is nearer to the top than to the sides or bottom

2. The fat pad is more pronounced at the top than on the sides

Hmmm.. It doesn’t really matter much.. I think I will stick with the side measurement because it boosts my ego and it seems more consistent

Wyrm, it is all about just finding your own way and doing it that way — exactly that way — every time. I measure using a ruler with one layer of Ace bandage at the end for padding (see: 40605 076.JPG from this thread). My measuring point is from the top but slightly to the right of center. I measure with my erect cock as horizontal as possible — if it’s dipped down even slightly you’ll get a longer measurement that can’t be reproduced consistently.

Same goes for flaccid stretch. I put the ruler in the same place, grab the very tippy end of my cock, and pull it out horizontally as far as I can.

Welcome to Thunders. Nice to see another from Seattle. Hit Folklife yet? Uff Da?

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