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A Quick question for my hero BIB.

A Quick question for my hero BIB.

Hello BIB,

This is my question,

If I am hanging at the angle of btc (Targeting LIGS) and have maxed out my gains from
btc angle because my LOT has changed from high angle (let`s say 9:00) into low angle (say 6:00)
and I will change the angle of attack focusing on Tunicae, am I gonna lose some of the gains
I earned from hanging focusing on my ligs? And If so will this following routine help maintain
my gains?

The routine:

=> I will hang SO starting with my maximum weight and decrease the weight
applied as necessary and if I feel very sore from this angle then I
will change hanging to BTC angle using lesser weight just to maintain
the gains I`ve or will earn from this angle. And I will observe my LOT
and when my LOT will change then I will also change the angle of my attack.

Thank You very much BIB!
And for my fellow hangers, cheers!
This is my first time posting a question I usually just lurk.:)

Hey HR,

I think Bigger is out of town for awhile, so if he doesn’t get back to you today, bump this post back to the top by adding a reply, when you see him posting again.

He will probably catch it, but if he doesn’t bump away.

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Hello ThunderSS,

Thank You for giving me the oppurtunity to bump my post so BIB can
see it, Thank You also for a very educational “Thunder`s Place.”

And Hello to my fellow hangers, I am sure the experienced Vets has something to comment so please don`t hesitate to do so because you are
all welcome and my ears are open for your comments. :)



> am I gonna lose some of the gains
I earned from hanging focusing on my ligs? <

Not if they are cemented. If your LOT lowers to 6, I would continue with BTC work for another month after this time, and then add in tunica work like in your routine, but do the BTC stuff first. The reason for this is if you wait until you feel very sore from tunica stretching you will be waiting a long time. Something like this should be better, (maybe a full month of BTC maintenance is going overboard, but I would much rather waste a month of PE than lose gains.):

Your LOT lowers to 6.

Hang BTC as you were doing when you got the gains that caused your LOT to lower to 6, for 1 month.

Do two sets of BTC hanging, then all the rest at SO or OTS, for a few weeks.

Do all sets SO or OTS.

An experience that happened to me that might be useful to you was, I gained from BTC, then switched to SO while doing 2 maintenance sets of BTC before this, and after a few weeks I dropped the BTC sets. Then I took a month off and lost some gains.

My feeling is that SO and OTS will maintain gains from BTC, but not help with cementing them.



Thank you for your comment you just nailed my question. :)
Now I can clear my mind and focus on my hanging routine.

Happy Hanging!


Hey Thunder..

Do you know how long Bib supposed to be out of town,and when he is going to be back? Trying to get in contact with him. Thanks….

Hangers Rock,

>Thank you for your comment you just nailed my question<

Yes, yes he did. Listen to that SS4 guy. He is going places.

Romeo, I emailed you.


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