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Cheap, Easy, No Wrap Wench ADS


Cheap, Easy, No Wrap Wench ADS

Cheap, Easy, No Wrap Wench ADS

A few months ago PirateSteve challenged me to come up with a simple design for an All Day Stretcher. (PirateSteve - The Captn’s Wench Amazing ADS) As he said then: “My design criteria were these: the Wench itself had to be the most complicated part of the process of construction and use, and the additions to the Wench had to cost under 5 bucks.”

Well, I think I’ve come up with something that might meet the criteria. I’m about to describe an ADS design that is:

Very cheap and easy to make. The initial out of pocket costs will total around $12 to $15, but those materials will make several wenches, so the per unit cost is well under $5. (Hope that’s not cheating.)

Very comfortable. I’ve worn this wench for as long as two hours a session, and only took it off when I had to pee. My penis never gets cold or discolored. The materials used are soft enough to use directly on the penis, yet the wench stays put even after hours of use.

Effective. Like Pirate’s Pegleg (The Captn’s Wench Amazing ADS) this ADS tugs on the ligs and keeps them under constant tension; plus, they get that satisfying extra pull with each stride. I also find it is very effective when used with RisingUpto7’s configuration, where the dick is pulled back up between the legs and seated in the ass crack.

Plus, wrapping is not necessary. And, it’s very easy to hide in pants.

So, here’s all it takes to make it:

Materials (see first pic.)

1 package of 2” wide self adhesive bandage. Ace makes it. I think Coach and Dome also have versions. Available in any drug store, in the US at least.

1 package of 1/2” to 3/4” elastic band. I found this at my drug store, but the fabric store next door has several types.

1 package of Velcro. Both types pictured will do. I’ve found it available at big box department stores, fabric stores, and Home Depot or Lowes.


Cut a length of the adhesive bandage. I’ve been using a 16 inch piece.

Take a three or four inch piece of velcro and stick it firmly to the bandage about four or five inches from one end. Either the hook side or the loop side will do. (I have been surprised that it sticks as well as it does, but I’ve been wearing one wench for several sessions and the velcro remains stuck.

Cut a length of elastic band. I’ve been using a 10.5” piece so far, but you can experiment to see what amount of tension works best for you.

Cut two pieces of velcro slightly more than twice the width of the elastic band (example: 1.25” for .5” wide band). Use the opposite of the type you stuck you the bandage.

Fold the velcro over the end of the elastic band and press it together firmly.

Okay. Well, that was tough, wasn’t it?


With the velcro facing away from the shaft, wrap the first portion of the bandage around your penis. I wrap between the circumcision scar and the base. You’ll just have to experiment with the amount of tightness. I’ve found I can wrap pretty tightly without cutting of blood supply to the glans.

When the velcro starts wrapping around your dick, stop and stick the velcroed ends of the elastic bands to the velcro on the bandage on opposite sides from one another.

Continue wrapping the bandage around your penis, making sure to cover the velcro so it is stuck firmly and can’t scratch the skin of your thighs.

Now, two alternative anchorings…

To anchor on the leg: I use the boy’s elastic belt in the picture, putting it through the elastic band and then securing it just below my knee cap. The two elastic components — belt and band — create a really comfortable pull.

To anchor BTC: I put a pants belt half way through the loops of my jeans. Then, I pull my ball sack to one side and align my dick back into my ass crack (which is cleaned to Gee-Your-Butt-Smells-Terrific pristineness.) Next, I reach back and grab the elastic band, and thread the belt on my pants through the elastic loop. Then I put the belt all the way around my pants, and pull them up. Yow. That puppy’s in there. I wore it this way during a 40 minute drive up the freeway yesterday, and it was steadily tugging hard enough that my ligs got sore, but my dick stayed warm, cozy and comfortable in my bun warmer. (Here’s RisingUpTo7’s thorough description of his BTC method: RisingUpTo7 - How to build an invisible All-Day-Stretcher (cheap and simple)) This configuration did pull the back of my pants down, but it was not visible under an un-tucked shirt.

The self adhesive bandage will eventually fatigue and lose some of it’s stickiness after a week or so of use. You can then secure the end around the dick with tape or something. Maybe someone can think of another material with a longer half life; regular elastic bandage is one possibility.

The elastic bands work best for me because of their elasticity. (Every time I extend my leg behind be while walking I can feel my another few cells in my ligs screaming “yo asswipe, we’re breaking up down here.”) Rubber bands might work too. I just don’t know yet how well the velcro adhesive would stick.

As usual with such things, you just have to try it and see what you think. Let everyone know what worthwhile changes you discover.

Thanks to PirateSteve for the peg leg and especially Capt’nHook for the brilliant wench design. This is just a variation of their good work and ideas.

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Looks great, and seems like an easy alternative! Too bad I will be having a hard time finding almost every material you mentioned, here in Norway… I really need to get my ass out and look in special stores etc..

Ike that is ingenious and simple, well camoflaged and has a built-in heating system to boot. Thanks for sharing, I’ll give it a try. If you are not stretching but want to hang and scrotomize at the same time, see my last post on the Thera-P wrist wrap. You can wear it like a cock and ball strap all day, the velcro attachment makes it totally adjustible and its made of soft neopreme that is cushioned and then packed with magnets which in this case should theoretically zing your balls and bring better blood flow to your Johnson. best, JelkyWad

Excellent Ike. Let me tell the peoples that I have tried Ike’s ADS configuration and it is sweet. Definitely something that should be tried by anyone interested in a safe, affordable, and effective ADS.

Great work Ike, you definitely met PirateSteve’s challenge. I’m sure he is up there in heaven looking down at you with pride.


Hey, what happened to PirateSteve???

Starting: 5 BPEL x 4.5 EG on 4/19/03

Latest: 6 BPEL x 5 EG on 2/17/04

Goal: 7 BPEL x 6 EG

Originally Posted by chickenchoker

Hey, what happened to PirateSteve???

I asked Cap about that last night. As far as he knows, PirateSteve is alive and doing okay.

Ike, as we speak I have just completed assembly. As I type this I am sitting on my dick. This is about the closest I have been to f…..g myself since I bought tech stocks at the top in 2000. Takes some getting used to, the sitting part of it that is but its ingenious nonetheless. thanks for the tip,JelkyWad

Anyone uncut having success with this? I`ve been experimenting with Lil`s ADS but now I`m giving it up due to circulation problems and my dick getting completely numb yesterday. Perhaps this one will work better? Looks very promising indeed!

Originally Posted by jelkywadholmes

This is about the closest I have been to f…..g myself since I bought tech stocks at the top in 2000.

One problem I am having is one of the sides of the band flys out of the bandage because the band slides through the velcro. I guess I’ll keep trying,it works great.


Uh, Alice?

So, the elastic bands are becoming un-adhesed (probably a new word) from the Velcro? Maybe tying little knots in the ends of the band will prevent the slip-through issue. See attached pictures…

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I truly appreciate the help. An hour or so after posting that, the brain fart came about and I did,like you suggested,do the tying.



For anybody who is uncut I recommend the Ventless tugger.I use the tugger without the top cone and tape just the top part of foreskin to the cone.This I have found makes it virtually impossible to slip,no matter how much force is exerted.

There is nothing gripping the shaft and absolutely no numbness.

The funny part is that you cannot feel the actual tugger,only the pulling on ligs etc.

At approx $45 including straps & shipping I consider this cheap,considering I have a Penimaster & the Acme extender which cost considerably more.

The only downside is I wish I had seen the tugger first,then I would not have wasted my money on the other junk.

After not wearing it for more than a year, I’ve been wearing this ADS design for the past couple of days and have found some improvements.

1.) Instead of using sticky Ace bandage, I took a length of Theraband and attached double-sided Velcro to one end. I find the Theraband is much more secure around my dick, and less of it is necessary to get a good wrap. It’s also not quite as stingy when I take it off after an hour or two of use.

2.) Instead of using the white elastic strap with the Velcro ends as the loop, I use a length of this stuff called Velstretch…style=ARG-00600. The Velstretch is soft, and more adjustable. Trouble is, it’s hard to find. I get mine at a store here in Seattle called Seattle Fabrics. They cater to people who are making their own recreational clothing and sails.

(I also use a piece of velstretch with my Captain’s Wench when I hang. Again, more comfortable and adjustable than the nylon straps, and very strong.)

3.) Instead of using a kid’s belt around my thigh to anchor the loop, I use this elastic band…_Code=R-MU-4590 It is much more comfortable and adjustable. It’s also long enough that I can stretch it around my waist and stretch straight up, or to the far right or left.

4.) Once the ADS is on my dick, I wrap a length of non-stick Ace bandage around it, just to make sure the harsh edges of the velcro don’t scratch my thigh.

I wear boxers, and pull my dick with the ADS on out of the pee hole so the boxers provide a barrier between the ADS and my thigh, thus reducing irritation.

The procedure for putting it on is to first put on the ADS, with the loop affixed. Then put the anchor strap half way around my thigh, just above the knee. I put the anchor strap through the loop and then continue to wrap the anchor strap as tightly as I comfortably can around my thigh. I adjust the position of the loop to maximize the stretch. Straight down the thigh is the shortest distance and the least stretch. Further towards the back of the thigh or around the top lengthens the stretch.

I think this ADS is ideal for guys who stand up or walk a lot during the day. I wore it during a 90 minute, 6 mile walk yesterday. It feels really nice to get a good strong tug with every stride. The wrap stayed on the whole time, and my dick never lost sensitivity or color. I wore it down the right thigh for the first mile and a half, then went into a store restroom, changed sides, and wore it down the left thigh for another mile and a half. On the way back, I stretched way up to the left and then to the right, for about a mile each.

The design is cool because it stretches at least 50 percent of maximum all the time, but every time you take a stride, it stretches to 80 percent or more, depending on how you adjust the straps. It’s like doing hundreds of JAI stretches for an hour or more at a time. I just started doing it, so I can’t report any results, but it sure does feel like I’m hitting the ligs just right for a long period of time; thus, I think, producing plastic elongation.

It’s not as effective to wear while sitting. The bending of the torso shortens the stretch between the anchor point and the ADS.

The attached picture shows the components. The ruler is just there for scale.

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Ike, A few questions:

For how long did you use this ADS device?

Did you find it effective?

Do you think your latest update is an ideal design for guys who do a lot of standing & walking, or the whole design does not give an effective stretch while sitting?

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