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Manual stretching from the base

Manual stretching from the base

Has anyone tryed or do manual stretching from the base ?

When I stretch from the base I make an OK grip at the base I grip real hard and then stretch my penis up and bend it,
That allows for a good stretch and easier to hold it there for a few or a couple of mins.

Today when I stretched it this way after almost 10 mins of stretching I felt like my penis popped out at the base and my penis turned
In my hand when I was holding the stretch.
I then released and tryed with my other hand and the same thing happened. When I pulled and bent my penis it turned in my hand again.
It felt a little weird so I stopped then,
Also my EQ has been bad since then and that was about 2 hours ago.

Has anyone tryed or do this stretching ?

(I can’t do normal stretching from the top by the way, I’m uncut and it hurts when I try to stretch because I have to grip the head.)


Sounds like you are hitting the ligs pretty hard. The popping noise you heard/felt are called lig pops. I would be somewhat concerned if your EQ doesn’t return (might want to hold off on the stretches until it does), but otherwise it’s a good stretch for targeting the ligs for length.

I actually thought pulling up was for the tunica,
But that’s cool either way I just want length.

I been thinking maybe stretching at night would be good so when I’m sleeping my penis should heal and then hopefully my EQ will be good in the morning for jelqing. Ill obviously have to try that one out, or even stretch after my last jelqing session.


From my newbie experience which is a little over 4 weeks, I wandered if pulling closer to the base would get the stretch I am looking for because stretching from just behind the glands I never seem to feel much tension in the ligaments.

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