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Soreness after manual stretching

Soreness after manual stretching

What feeling is expected when you first begin a program with manual stretching? Where should you feel soreness or should you even feel any? If you do does it mean you are stretching correctly. Is it the same concept as when you do weight lifting. Muscle soreness means good working out of the muscle? I’m a newbie who wants to know. I’ve started manual stretching with the newbie routine and after stretching I feel soreness around my pubic bone area.

I think it’s the same soreness, like you feel on a good muscle workout. Although I only feel it in my penis.

I feel this too.

Practise only for 3 weeks.

You’re all getting it right, just ramp up the PE time slowly. Make haste slowly- be the tortoise [but never let it turtle ;) ]

But be careful about comparing PE to muscle work- the analogy is faulty and may lead you to mistakes.

Luck and length.

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I’l add this - a soreness is not necessary to have a good workout. I (and several others) have NEVER had a post workout soreness, yet have still gained. Don’t go all out for the soreness.

Also, DON’T compare PE to bodybuilding/weightlifting, thats 2 very different things. They may have a couple of similarities, but don’t think they’re the same thing…

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I never feel soreness but I gain quick. If you feel one your intuition will tell if it is a positive or negative soreness. When it is negative, take a few days off.

I’ve had soreness a few times, but it was only in the beginning. I haven’t had any in a long time.

I used to fell soreness but not any more, after I begun taking ZMA.

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