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Uncut Manual Stretching

Uncut Manual Stretching

I’ve read that you’re supposed to grab behind the head. But I found this uncomfortable and difficult to grip, so I’ve been grabbing the foreskin above the head and pulling on that. It feels much better, and I can easily hold the stretch for a long time. Is there anything wrong with manual stretching this way?

One other thing… I have a LOT of 8:00. When I stretch straight out or up, I feel a mild pain in these two rod type things at the base of my penis, which I gather are the ligs. But I thought ligs were supposed to get stretched at lower angles?


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You’re stretching your skin, Bro, not the ligs. You gotta grab behind the head in order to hit the ligs, or maybe a little up the shaft, But that’s the way to go, otherwise you’re elongating your foreskin, not your penis.

If you feel stinging pain, use less force.

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So even though I’m feeling it beneath the skin and not on the surface, I’m still stretching the skin? Dang.. What exactly is it I’m feeling?

I use to stretch the way you do. The feeling i got stretching the way you are is sort of like a ‘chinese burn’. And its hard to centralise whether you are strecthing the skin or the surface when your feeling this sensation. Im just getting the hang of stretching myself, and what i do is i get a napkin and use this to hold below the head. When i do this i touch the ligs at the base with my other hand, and it seems to feel that the ligs are getting strecthed although i cannot personally feel the actually ligs stretching.

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