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Manual Stretching And Permanent Gains

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Did You Get Permanent Gains Through Manual Stretching?

Yes, manual stretching got me gains


No, manual stretching never gave me gains

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I used a hanger for a while and was up to 12.5 lbs. it didn’t seem to work. How could manual stretching work? Has anyone made permanent gains?

Anyone care to answer?

It would be great to hear from gainers to see what routine has worked for them.

Yeh guys, don’t be shy, vote and share your experiences.

Still waiting to measure myself

Marinera may know, the answer to the amount of force that can be applied manually and what that would translate to if using weights.

I know it’s helped my gains, but I’ve never done it exclusively.

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Hanging is not as good as it sounds bro, believe me.

I have stretched a lot since I begun PE.. the first months I did the basic stretching and jelqing, then I introduced v-stretches and did them whenever I got the chance thru out the day. And now I do mostly fulcrum stretches and boundle stretches.. and after my sessions I attach a 8 oz weight a couple of hours to my ADS..

I love stretching and I respond great to stretching and my gains is mostly from stretching but I do other exercises also so maybe it’s the combo of everything..

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Heat is the key!

Most of my length and even some girth gains came from stretching, especially fulcrum stretches.

Gains are still and I don’t shrink, so I can call it long-term (I don’t like the word permament).

Got a good amount during the newbie routine.

Still though, I’d like more through manual stretching. My problem is grip due to foreskin.

I got my gains from hanging and manuals where not effective for me.

However. we are all unique and what effects one person might be limited to another.

Just like with hanging. I started gaining at 10 lbs where some people require 20 pounds and perhaps a completely different angle than I use.

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I don’t know if I gained from jelqs + ullis or stretches. I do stretches and Bennets routine a few times a day and 5 times per week jelq+ ullis. However I think I toughen up and I just do piss pulls and a few bennets. Jelqing for circulation

I will next just stretch followed by 10 min jelq for health and circulation and see if something happens.

I’ve read from ppl that gained found the dld stretches routine.

Then why you voted ‘Yes’, quim92? And what is ‘ppl’? Poorstyle Posting License?

Originally Posted by marinera

Then why you voted ‘Yes’, quim92? And what is ‘ppl’? Poorstyle Posting License?

Why did you vote**

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