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Manual Stretch

Manual Stretch

I am havin a problem with th “ok” grip when doing manual stretches. Somehow there always is too muich pressure on the head of my penis when sTretching. So much that I guess i break blood vessels in the top of the head and i get a bunch of red little dots. Can someone give me adive on this. I wtched the video and i dont feel that pull liek I used to when stretching. Is it time to hang?

Marcus, start with a very flaccid penis, then try gripping a little further up towards the base with an overhand OK grip — where your thumb is on the underside and both the index finger and thumb are towards your body. Now, before you stretch, close your fist with the rest of your fingers and squeeze some of the blood out of your dick. Then stretch, with the grip further from the head and more towards the base from where you’re gripping now.

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