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Low LOT: How to add more intensity to manual tunica stretch?

Low LOT: How to add more intensity to manual tunica stretch?

I’m doing manual tunica stretch by pulling straight up toward the chin or straight out. Howeve, I can tell it’s not stressing the tunica enough. The A and V stretch feel very awkward to me. Any suggestion?

Come in, these V-stretches and inverted V-stretches are fine !!

You really feel your tunica (especially the septum) afterwards,

this fine a bit sore feeling that you deserve after a good workout

(I go to the Gym a lot, learned to love that feeling)

So go ahead, be careful with your dick, but: Give it a good stretch (or 1000)

How do we know tunica stretches are a) effective and b) permanent. Has anyone actually isolated completely the tunica and only done tunica stretches and seen gains from these stretches? I know people who do ligs and tunica at the same time but how do we know that any significant gains are coming from the tunica being stretched? I only ask this because I continue to make steady gains from doing ligs alone and I dont ever plan on doing tunica stretches so long as I achieve my length goals in the future doing only lig stretches. Also… I had a low LOT when I started this yet Ive made over an inch in length gains in 2 months from just lig stretches so Im not entirely sure I think having a low LOT will prevent you from achieving your goals in a timely manner. …just a few thoughts.

Don’t like quote me on this or anything, but from what I recall and gather…

The tunica will constitute for the majority of your gains. A high LOT means some fast and easy gains, but the tunica can get more. Remember, I speak from reading, not experience :p But I don’t think you should be worried, I believe most guys end up stretching the tunica either way, and it has a lot of growth, I think, and I also believe your LOT will be raised.

I been here for a while, but what is “LOT” ?

Time is valuable and so is a suitable penis, so use it wisely (your penis that is.)

I bet if you went to the top of the page and clicked on the “Search” button and put “LOT” in the Search By Keyword box and “Bib” in the Search By User Name box and then clicked the Perform Search button at the bottom you’d find a few threads about the subject. Look for threads started by Bib and you’ll get the answer to your question.

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