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manual stretch help needed !

manual stretch help needed !

hey guys i just have some questions about manual stretch…

you have to basically grab behind the head with my strong hand and with the other grab the base? and should the penis be erect or flaccid? thanks a lot this board is great!

Hello hello2 :) The penis should be flaccid. I copied and pasted this from the PE faq- if you haven’t read it yet it is good information to go over. Good luck!

Before you start a manual stretch, you may want to put some baby powder on your hands to help you get a better grip on your penis.

Here is one variation of manual stretching:

A hot wrap is a good idea before any workout, but especially this one as it makes the tissues easier to stretch. So make sure you perform a hot wrap before manual stretching.

Make sure the penis is totally dry before you start, to stop your hands from slipping.

The actual exercise is simple, it just involves pulling the penis. Grab behind the head with your strong hand (if you are right handed use your right hand, if left handed use your left hand), then use your other hand to strengthen the grip. Then pull outwards. The length of time you pull is up to you but if you are just starting it will not be much longer than 15 seconds, unless you have strong hands.

While pulling the penis out you should perform a ‘kegel’, especially if pulling upwards. You will actually feel a more intense stretch if you do this.

After every pull you should then slap your penis against your leg. I know it sounds silly but is necessary to restore the circulation.

After you have finished your workout do another hot wrap to reduce the chance of red dots appearing on your penis.

Variations: Try pulling in different directions - left, right, up, down, but remember when pulling left to perform an equal pull to the right to keep your erections straight. Also try moving the head in circles as you pull, just experiment and see how you can improve the stretch you feel.

yeah but i dont understand what my other weaker hand should be.

i still dont get it

Hi Hello2

You only use one hand for stretching.

Plus you might want to check Johan Stretch (AI Stretches). Some people report erection problems with manual stretching (I’m one of them). I think this is very individual - you might not have any problems at all, but this new stretch Johan Stretches is for a shorter time period (only 2 sec each stretch), personally I only started trying it in the last couple of days, but people report it’s less problematic for erections and plus it could be even more effective for gains than the usual manual stretch.

Search for: “Johan Stretch”


Hi again Hello2

I agree that one hand is fine for manual stretching. When one hand gets tired then switch to the other. I find stretching is easiest by using your thumb and forefinger in the OK grip just behind the glans with your other fingers just supporting the main OK stretch. When your hands get strong enough you can start using the reverse OK grip just behind the glans with no finger support just to provide variation. I also agree that the JAI stretches- or Johan AI stretches- are a good alternative to plain manual stretching. However, you may want to consider spending a couple of weeks doing regular manual stretches just to get used to where all the structures are and the best position for each direction of stretch to feel a good pull on the tissues. After you learn where everything is and how to optimize a standard stretch, then ‘graduate’ into JAI stretches :) This is the link to JAI stretches Johan is a believer now! JAI

You can use both hands if you want to--or for variation.

If you use the other hand as well, at the base, you can swap them around each pull.

If you push down with the lower hand, you are doing a “V Stretch”.

Newbies, especailly should do all of these very gently until the tissues get used to all of this new stress.

Rob, "the person formerly known as P9"

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