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People who have made gains using manual stretches, how often do you stretch?

People who have made gains using manual stretches, how often do you stretch?

People who have made gains using manual stretches, how often do you stretch? Tell how much gains you made from just manual stretches (JAI, DLD, static?) and how often do you stretch? Once a day? Every 8 hours? etc.. Hopefully, your responses will give me some gains once and for all.

I started out doing only maybe 5 min of static stretches straight out. I worked up to 20 or so min now plus I throw in some fowfers as the whim strikes me. I can’t really say how much of my length gain was due to stretches since my program has always included jelqs also. I don’t do dld blasters as he describes. I simply do pc squeezes under tension, followed by 5-10 min of strech. I change hands as needed and do reverse kegels about ever 10 sec or so. I divide the time up usually in two or three pieces. I stretch monday through saturday. I jelq 5days of 7 taking thursday and sunday off.

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I stretch every workout, which is usually 6 days a week, twice a day (quick, easy workout in the AM, much more intense in the PM).

Noticed a big difference in flaccid stretch length after only 2 weeks or so after adding manual stretches to my routine. Was very pleased. I particularly like the various fulcrum stretches.

Right now, I like alternating: I’ll do a set of jelqing for 5 to 10 mins, then stretching for 5 or 10 mins, then jelqing again, etc. That jelq after a stretch really seems to fill things out nicely.

For me, just as Luvdadus states, it’s not possible to say what gains could be solely attributed to stretching, but I did notice (or perceived) a difference when I added the stretches.

Sorry could not be more help-

Well before I had heard about this site I was doing it all wrong. But it does look good

But as I’m going to take things with slower stretches I feel thatll help

I seem to recall a post here in which someone thanked the inventor of V-stretches - he’d done solely V-stretches for 6 (? 9?) months and gained 3/4 inch. He was happy.

regards, mgus

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Wow, dug up an oldie there, kutu. Welcome to Thunder’s. Taking it slow is a good attitude to have.


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