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You came to the right place.

I’m Hungry lol

A big hello to all the PE people of the world.

I’m a recently joined newbie and with your wise words and penile experience I’m hoping to see some gains.

Hello again, I look forward to contributing to this forum.


Just joined today, thanks for opening up registration..

I am 1 month into PE and already have some good gains.

Finally getting into my routine groove. I’m on my second week of 2 days on 1 day off and think I’m ready for 3 days on 1 day off :D . I have some small gains, but it just feels stronger this is an awesome site.

Started: 4/09 5.5" EL - 4.6" EG

Current: 6.18" EL - 5" EG

Long Term Goal: 7.5 EL 5.75 EG BIGGER STRONGER BETTER!


Hello, new, but ready to grow.

Hi, just joined. Can’t wait to learn! Thanks for a great forum!

Just started PE, forum is really helpful in answering my questions and getting me motivated.

Hi! Today I start my journey towards a larger weiner!

Hello guys

I’m registered here today and I hope I will learn how to increase size of my penis.

Just, I’m curios that, why cannot download videos.! Or, maybe I should wait..


Welcome Bmp3; about your troubles with videos, look here:


So do I

Welcome newbies. Good luck to you all.

Hola all.

I was told my my best friend about jelqing probably about a year ago. He told me of the technique and how not to do it wrong, but I see now that I have actually been doing it incorrectly.. I didn’t know to stretch or to do kegels along with the jelqing. I do now of course.

Right now my fl: 3.4 and El: 5.75 I want to at least get passed 6” with my erect length which I feel is very possible seeing as I am able to get passed 6 already depending on how aroused I am 5.75 is just my standard erection size..

Mostly I want a bigger flaccid penis. I know ultimately that doesn’t matter.. But I’d like to have a big floppy one. Just to have and to flop around at my female friends.


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