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I’ve been on and off PE for around 4 or 5 months and have been pretty much waiting for registration to open up. Whats up guys.

14 years ago I PE. I never heard of jelqing or but I made my own by hanging weights onto my glans and then I built a stretcher device from a guy wire tension er and a PVC pipe. Nether less I went from 5.9 inches to 7 inches. I stopped 5 months after that but only recently I have begun again. Just imagine if I had kept it up; the fire department might actually have a use for me at last!

Hey, found this website like a month ago and started doing the newbie routine. I’m pretty happy with what I have (nothing compared to a lot of people on here) but I had to see for myself if it works or not. Anyways I think I started at like 6in BPEL and not sure of the EG (looks like it’s almost 5). It appears after a month I’ve gotten like 3/64 in. Of BPEL and still not sure about the EG, although it does look bigger (could be psychological though). Anyways, I hope to get to 7in BPEL and EG 5.5, but in the short term 6.5in BPEL and whatever I can get in EG would be fine too. Glad to finally be able to sign up though.

The newbie routine is the best place to start. Welcome aboard.

I did some PE about 7 years ago along with pumping and used the extender (did that ever hurt). My wife was in baby mode and we had sex maybe like 1x/wk. After about 2 mos. Of PE, she didn’t want to have sex, so she said she would do oral. She went down and after about 10 seconds, she said, “Are you growing?” I told her I was just turned on more than usual. I don’t know why, but I looked bigger, and felt bigger, but my measurements kept telling me same, so I quit. I did do about 25 jelqs now and then maybe 3-4x/wk and that was it, but I found this forum in the fall and started hitting it good since. I didn’t’ measure to start and do very little measuring now, but it looks tan and bigger and feels heavier. If I’m real hard I can only get my head through a toilet paper roll, and that’s pretty much how I measure, because my measurements keep telling me not much, but.. My wife has a renewed interest in sex and 3 weeks ago I bottomed out on her and she kept holding my hips back. I knew she felt like she was tighter because she has begun to moan softly and say I feel thicker and harder.

The last time I measured I softly boned pressed 6.5 and bg of 5.5. I don’t care about length, I want girth baby! As much as I can go! I remember my bg was something like 4.5 way back, so I’m growing.

Current routine: 200-300 jelqs/day half of them are directed to the head so I can have an even girth. I do very little stretching, and use the power jelq to stretch.

If it’s working (and I’m prone to believe to your wife on that) keep it doing, themud. Welcome aboard.

Originally Posted by clgp7
Brian2034, I don’t think that if I were your starting size that I’d ever even have looked for this place. Welcome!

Thank you
But I’ve discussed this with my wife and she always said I was big but as soon as I started to grow her interest also grew! Now she comes looking for it again and I don’t have to ask.

Hey everybody!

I discovered Thunder’s right after the registrations were closed so I didn’t get a chance to join back then but now I have. I’m a young guy and I’ve never really done any PE so I’ve just been soaking up information hitherto but I plan to start my routine soon. Here’s hoping for some big gains!

Hey I’m new here, I want bpel of 7” and eg of 6

Right now I’m BPEL 6 1/2” EG 5 3/8”

I’m glad to be on here now

How’s it going guys. I stopped dating this girl a couple months ago and her trash talk afterward was “yeah well your dick is way too hard”. It got me thinking what the hell was a normal “hardness” and started looking around. I ended up finding this place and have been doing the newbie routine for the last month or so. Glad to finally be able to post.

Welcome and good luck, Pushin.

I have been waiting to join this forum, thank you thunder! I look forward to becoming an active participant here.

“Your dick is too hard” doesn’t sound as in insult to me slippy. Welcom on TP.

I’m a newbie saying hi! Umm I’m 6 inches or so but won’t have to much time to do this especially since I’m joining the army but hopefully can get some gains in holidays and such. Would like to be 7inches and maybe half an inch thicker. Wish me luck.

Wish you luck and welcome, OohYeah.


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