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Lose your Thundersplace posting virginity here!

I have read the forums for the last two months, finally registration is opened!

Thank you!

I only started doing PE seriously two weeks ago,I’m doing the Newbie Routine(First week=30 seconds holds when I stretch,second week=60 seconds,now 90 seconds stretch)

I started with a 6.7” NBPEL and 4.7” EG..

My first aim is to gain in girth,I think my length is good.

Start= Bpel:7", Meg:4.7", Fl:4".

First Month= Bpel:7.4", Meg:5.1", Fl:4.3"

Just joined lots of info here it’s great thanks thunder and everyone.

Hello guys

Just saying hello and introducing myself.

I have been waiting along time for registration to open up here again, and final I got in. I’m not totally new to the PE scene and I have already made some nice gains
Mainly through the use of a X4 penis extender and some manual stretch routines that I got from PE Gym forums. I have been PE ing since April 08. Anyway hopefully I can
Learn abit more about PE here, or even maybe contribute abit towards the site.

Welcome aboard and good luck, guys.

Hi everyone!

I’m new here, and I’ll post another reply later..
But for now, what I can tell you guys is that I have already done dry jelqs but without any routine and they still worked..

What I wan’t now is to get serious on PE and maybe reach 7 inches in size and maybe girth :D

As I’m not North American, and english is not my main language, I’ll probably need some help once I don’t really understand most of the language you guys use.. Like “BPEL”, “bone press”, and so on..

Also I can only use “home” techniques like jelqing, stretching and stuff.. I can’t really do any kind of hanging once I live with my parents and it’s impossible to hide things here.. So I’ll mostly do Jelqs to reach my goals..

I’ll measure and take pics later and post here, so I can follow my progress together with you guys.

Thanks in advance for everyone!

Welcome and good luck, DevXav.

Sorry for the noob question but, What does BPEL and EG stand for?

Place your cursor over the acronyms.

Thanks. That was easy

No problem- Here’s a glossary

Iv been stalking these forums since the two or three months ago that I discovered jelqing.
I found all the information that iv needed for anything that I was unsure of or any problem thats risen on these forums, so I’m very happy to be able to finally register be apart of it.
In the couple of months iv been PEing I’v gained pretty much exactly one inch of length which puts me at BPEL 7”.

Also I’m only just starting to get serious about it so thanks for all the help iv allready gotten and will be getting from you all.

I’m very happy to be able to finally register .I found here all information about PE.Now it’s more easy.Thanks .

Welcome and congrats for gains, mubud. Don’t take this bad, but when you have time, I suggest to give a reading to the Forum Guidelines, expecially the section on grammar and spelling, we are nazi-grammar here :) . Thanks in advance.

Welcome PayPerview, and good luck.

You spelt Mudbud wrong. Irony.


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