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Another 'Thank you'

I want to express my gratitude for finally being able to become a member of this forum. It’s been a while since I found it and I read it regularly. You guys are the best! I’m sure you’ve been accumulating a lot of Karma-points as a result of helping so many men to feel nice about themselves and raising their self-confidence. Thank you! I’m not posting my starting measures because I’m not sure what is the proper way of measuring my unit. I read a thread about it and it said that one of the ways is to measure it with your hands. So when I grab my erected unit and press my hand down to the pubic bone, it has room for my other hand and when I put my other hand, the glans are protruding over the two-hand grip at about 3 or 4 cm, maybe even a little more. Is this a proper way of measuring it? If it is, then my unit is about 17-18 cm/ 6.6”-7.08” (my hands are relatively small).

Brian2034, I don’t think that if I were your starting size that I’d ever even have looked for this place. Welcome!

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Originally Posted by brian2034
I have been watching the site for the last couple of months waiting for the registration to open and finally!


Welcome, brian2034!

Originally Posted by dumbass
I’m not posting my starting measures because I’m not sure what is the proper way of measuring my unit.

Welcome, dumbass!

How to measure: Measure Your Penis - 2001 Site - Tom Hubbard

For Lampwick, becoming hung like a donkey was the result of a total commitment.

Well, I have never had a complaint about being to big or to small and I can honestly say I have been around the block alot and everyone left satisfyed.

And my wife of 15 years seems to have a renewed interest, I’m not sure if it’s because of the size with the ring and the jelhing or because she knows I’m doing exercises and she is curious.

BTW she is also a bodybuilder and weights 125 lbs.

Thanks for the link, Lampwick!

However, I’m still confused! Here it doesn’t become clear whether you should press to the pubic bone or not (and this changes the picture significantly). I mean, should I count the few ‘hidden’ cm, or not?

I think if you can’t see you don’t count it

I know bone pressed is more acurate for measurement purpose because of fat pad thickness , but in the eye of the beholder what you see is what you get. I’m sure no women thinks about what you have under your fat pad she is only concerned with what she sees sticking out.

Just my humble opinion

Until I found this site I didn’t know how to measure correctly, Bp is the only accurate measurement as everyones fat pad changes from day to day.

That being said I always wanted 8.5 Nbpel so now I’m shooting for 9” Bp which sounds like alot I always considered myself a true 7” nbpel.
The girth seems to come easy and I’m currently at 7.1” girth when I clamp and 6.5” without,
Btw I use a short length of jersey material about 3/4” wide for a clamp I find I get a more even pressure around the penis and I can tension it any amount.

Like I said I have only been at PE for 3 or 4 months so I’m still trying different things.

May 2009 Newbies Say Hello Here

Just thought I would introduce myself, been at PE for maybe a month or so now just using a real simple routine a few days a week to start. Hope to learn lots of stuff here.

Good luck SouthernJoe, I hope you achieve your goals. Trust me, you will learn LOTS of stuff from this site.

Welcome on Thundersplace SouthernJoe, and good luck on gains.

This forum is completely awesome! I love it. I want to find ways to contribute back and be an asset. BTW is anybody here completely obsessed with PE like me?

Just dropping a line to say hello and thanks to all the people that contribute to this site. I started PE in 1998 and paid money for a manual that didn’t have 1 percent of the knowledge that is shared here. I stopped after about six months back then but am back again and gaining.

Hello, I hit the lottery today. I’ve been Newbie PEing’ for about a month. I stumbled on to this site through google. I’m sort of a jack of the internet I belong to many forums across the web. Anyway, love the website, but, since beginning PEing’, my only concern is I’ve noticed my penis head is looking wrinkled from the stretching. Not very attractive. As a result, I’m just jelqing lately but I am a mesomorph and I gain weight and muscle easily, I’ve noticed some nice gains already but I do not measure.

Welcome aboard ;)


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