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Originally Posted by n8dogg
Sorry for the noob question but, What does BPEL and EG stand for?

Hey there!

I don’t know also, but I THINK it is:

BPEL = Bone Press Erect Length
EG = Erect Girth

But I’m not sure about this also, once I have no idea what is Bone Press lol

Bone pressed means measure pushing the ruler against your fat pad.

Starting over

I’ve done jelqing in the past and gained about a half inch in length and about a 1/4 inch in girth.

Didn’t loose any after stopping so I’m starting over with a new outlook and a better plan.

Starting size 61/2” length 5.5” girth hoping for 8x61/4” wish me luck!

Congrats, welcome and good luck thorsex.

I too waited quite a while for registration to open up. I’ve done some PE before, mainly stretches and jelqs but no gains due to inconsistency. I’ve got my mind set on maintaining a good routine in hopes to hit my goal of 8x6.

Starting measurements - BPEL 6.5 EG 5.5

Thanks for the opportunity to join the legends of PE

Hey everyone,

I managed to find Thunders just after the last registration closed, so I have been lurking for a while too. Glad it finally opened back up! Thanks for all the advice that I’ve managed to gather while hiding these past few months.

Well, at least you’ve learnt that the primary tools for gains is consistence. :)

Welcome and good luck ckh-13.

Welcome aboard, docsdaname.

I’m new and will be posting here

LongTerm greetings

Hey Guys,

I’ve been reading Thunders and researching PE for quite a while. After waiting several months for registration to re-open, I am very happy to finally have access to all the information and support on this forum.

My username was chosen because I have decided to commit to a 3 year long-term program of PE. My penis is on the small side of average at 5.5” BPEL and 4.5” EG. I have high hopes that the techniques here will allow me to reach 6.5” BPEL and 5” EG over that time frame.

Although I have just begun the basic PE exercises, I do have a few tips to share..

#1) Ultrasound gel is a superb low-cost jelq lube. A 5-liter jug and dispenser bottle is available from this company for just $30 (with free US shipping!)..


This price/volume ratio is many times less expensive than other lubes, especially water-based sex-lubes like “AstroGlide” and “KY”. 5-liters of ultrasound gel will last a year (at least), the lube is 100% safe and non-allergenic, plus it’s water-based so cleanup is negligible (which is my main criticism of olive oil). I find the texture to be perfect for both jelqing and masturbation.

#2) Ignore the ultrasound bottle warmers which are also available on that site. I tried one and they don’t warm the gel enough. Instead, I place the lube bottle in the same hot water I use for my warm-up towels.

#3) An instant hot-water dispenser installed in the kitchen is a great investment and time-saver. It’s even faster than a microwave. They cost about $100 US and are available at most home improvement stores.

I fill a large bowl with 180-degree water direct from the dispenser and soak my towels and lube bottle. Although this water is MUCH too hot for direct use, the towels cool very quickly as they are removed from the bowl. I return each wrap to the bowl to be reheated during stretch-sets.


Thanks for the tips LongTerm and wish you luck.

Welcome aboard unkoil.

New registered member to Thunder’s,but I’ve been browsing the forums for about 2-3 months. I seriously hope I can gain! I just feel so skeptical when it involves myself :(

Wish me luck

Good luck Shrimp, and always heed the words of David Naughton.

Originally Posted by SonnyC
always heed the words of David Naughton.

That was good :D

The great elm.


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