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Hi Guys!

I’m David from Hungary and I’m 20 years old.

I’ve been reading and learning about PE for about a month now, and I finally decided to give up my virginity. I always tought my dick was small, until some girls told me the opposite ( my name originates from here, I asked one of my Ex’s how would you call me if I was a porn star ) I have a 7 x 5.3 (BPEL x EG) grower dick. I always liked being a grower, but now a thick flaccid hang is tempting for me.

My goal of course is 8 x 6, so I can have that “he has a big one” reputation.

I follow the newbie routine, but I do dry jelqs. So, the routine is:

8-10 minutes in hot water soak (in a mug)
10 minute manual stretching ( 5 directions, 2x1 minutes for each)
100 dry jelqs (about 3 second jelqs)
3-5 minute warm down

After a session I often rub coconut oil on my glans for hydrating purposes and to make it more sensitive since I washed it with soap until I was 19. :(

I take Ca-Mg-Zn pills twice a day, BioTech Gingko Biloba + Lecithin 1000 pill in the morning, and I drink gingko-ginseng tea often.

A bit bigger flaccid hang is now noticeable, but I haven’t measured yet.

Thank you for all the information. Let’s hope for the best! :)

Welcome to the club bigdavid. Your starting size is quite large, so no worries there. Good luck!

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Hey all, losing my posting virginity now.. Please be gentle, hahaha.
My name is Kai and I’m an Aussie boy. I’m rather tall (6’3”) and muscle heavy (240lbs) and so always thought my penis looked small my entire life. Probably stems from watching too much porn when I was younger! As far as I know though, the truth is I’m probably slightly above average in my measurements - 7.25 BPEL x 5 MSEG - I just have such an ingrained belief in my head that it’s small that it’s too hard to shake. There’s my main motivation for PE, to feel like I have a penis that matches my body size. I’ve always wanted an 8 incher and I think the magical 8 x 6 is a good goal to have. Honestly I’d be ecstatic with 7.5 NBP x 5.5 EG. I don’t think that’s too much of a pipe dream :)

I’m also currently in a committed sexually active relationship for the first time in quite a while, and therein lies my other motivation for PE. I want to be the best lover possible for my lady so after doing some research Thunder’s seemed like the right place to come to, not just for PE help but also performance tips in general. I’m just starting out the newbie routine and doing as much reading as I can, taking PE slowly for the first few weeks to a month though. I look forward to being an active member of the forum!

>I want to be the best lover possible for my lady <

Good motivation. Welcome aboard.

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First Post

Hi guys

First post. I’m interested in PE! I tend to have a very busy work schedule so any coaching that will keep me motivated would be great!



Welcome to the club, Bigguy. Checking in here regularly, and maybe starting a progress log will hopefully help you stay motivated. Good luck.

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New And A Small Guy For Starters

As you can see from my stats I am starting way smaller than most. While some guys want 8x6 I would be happy just to get in an average range. Even 5.5x5 would seem great to me! Hope I’m not alone.

Just a newbie

Hey what’s up guys, I’m Lex94. I’ve been lurking for probably a month now and finally decided to pop my “first post” cherry here since everyone is always welcoming. Haha I’ve been on the newbie routine for about 2 weeks now(just started) but was just wondering if you guys can help me out by telling me if I’m doing just fine or if I’m doing too much with my slightly altered “newbie routine”

10 min warm ups: Hot wraps (I use 2 wraps to switch off every 30 secs for a warmer cloth).

10 min stretching: 2 (1 min stretching on top, diagonal left, down(4 mins), diagonal right).

15 - 20 mins wet jelqing: start soft until semi erect with baby oil, I realize my penis is a little bit numb after finishing.

5 min warm up

And finally 50 kegels: trying to increase all of my reps 10 secs long.

I’d love any responses, just trying to see of I’m on the right path since my goal is an 8x6. I’m a 5.75x 5.

Welcome to the new guys.

Lex94, your routine seems pretty good, but you really shouldn’t be experiencing any pain or numbness. Consider backing off on the amount of jelqing for the time being.

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I figured I was doing a little too extra too soon. Thanks for the feedback clgp7!

Dry jelq and warm up

I’m a newbie. Been PE and stretching for about a month.

I was trying some dry jelqs. And I didn’t warm up like I do with wet jelq. Got red dots. I know that they will go away.

But from my understanding. People are dry jelqing in the restroom at work, office, or school. I figured this would be an easy way to get a quick jelq session in. No mess no clean up.

So my question is. Do I need to warm up and warm Down with dry jelqs. And if so fine. But how are other guys able to do dry jelqs on the move. Work ect. With out the 10 min warm up period.

The only other time I got red dots was from my first session of wet jelqing. I hadn’t fully done the research and was unaware of the warm up period.

Thanks all. Sorry for grammar or spelling. Any help would be appreciated.

Newbie Here

Hey guys, names Kory, I’m 20 years old and I’m from New York.

This is my first port here and I was interested in Penis enlargement but I lost a lot of weight recently and now I’m 8.5x6.2 and not sure if I should even start doing it.

My penis does have a downward curve (just because I think its heavy) and it slightly curves to the left. Are there ways I can make it straight? I’m also half black half white. Thanks guys :)

Hi guys, my name is Torey and I’m from Massachusetts!

I came here to find out about PE, and want to have some slight gains. Right now I’m doing the newbie technique and plan on sticking with that for at least the 6 weeks recommended time.

- 5 minutes with a hot soaked face cloth
- 15 minutes of stretching (upward, downward, clockwise, counter clockwise, left, right ) about 2.5 minutes for each
- 5 minutes with a warm-mild face cloth
- 10 minute dry jelqs
- 5 minute warm down with face cloth massaging lightly

I think I might stick with this routine and this routine only and slightly adjust the times of stretching and jelqing. Down the line I also plan on adding kegels.

My current measurements

EL: 5.25”
BPEL: 5.5”
EG: 4.7”

And I hope to be around 6/6.25 x 5” . Just curious. Are the gains from the newbie routine permanent or would I need to keep doing that routine forever?

New to PE.

I have some concerns. Is anyone willing to help me?

Before I started PE my NBP erection length was 6.5 on a good day and 6in on others. Depending on how horny I was. It would fluctuate from 6 to 6.5

Now here’s my dilemma. The other day I measured at 5.5in and today just above 5in.

Not sure what’s going on. But I’m getting smaller not bigger.

When I do my PE and stretches it seems to be working.

My cock looks bigger when I’m done. Like engorged.

Hangs nice. But a month has gone by since I started and when I took new measurements they were smaller then when I started.

Most guys seems to be getting good gains in the first month to 3 months.

Not me?? Why?

Here is my routine

10 min warm up

10 to 15 min 30% flaccid wet jelqs

20 min 70% election wet jelqs

10 min stretching either before or after while flaccid or in the shower. When ever I can really

2 weeks in I started a light pumping no more then 2 min pumped then release then pump again for 2 min. Cycle for 10 to 15 min dynamic pumping from my understanding

3rd week in started to throw in some dry jelqs.

Really I’m trying to keep my dick guessing.

Then 10 warm down period

All my sessions have lasted about 45 min to an hour.

Rest days are weird.

If I jelq one morning I won’t jelq again until the following night so 35 hours in between jelq sessions

Can anyone tell me what I’m doing wrong. I was told I didn’t need anymore than 24 hour rest period. Is my routine too much? I do a Lil bit of everything but only in an hours time max. And that’s including the 20 min warm up/down

I have experienced harder erections. Morning wood and night wood like crazy. Even my flaccid looks bigger fatter feels heaver. But this is not transferring to my erection level. I’m so confused and stumped.

No pun needed. I have felt I’ve dun adequate research as this is my only dick. Thanks for the help guys.

Originally Posted by kaineaux
Before I started PE my NBP erection length was 6.5 on a good day and 6in on others.

Firstly, I would start measuring bone pressed so you can better differentiate what is actual growth and what may be fluctuations in your fat pad.

If you were trying to track your height, you’d take your shoes off and measure, so try and think of bone pressed measurements as taking off your fat pad (like taking off your shoes) for more accurate readings.

Good luck. :)

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